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Chapter 95 – Program invitation

After the promotional activities on the train, the popularity of Yin Shuang Shuang and Du Sheng has risen again.

The scripts of many movies and TV dramas have been handed over with the popularity of “Momentary Observation Diary,” but none were suitable for starring.

After all, more than the amount of her work is needed.

Most of the scripts that will be handed over are stories of the same type that want to take advantage of the “Momentary Observation Diary” hype.

There is no need to consume another wave of popularity from the “Momentary Observation Diary.” There is no great benefit to her.

Instead, it will make her easily stereotyped.

On the other hand, the promotional activities are still going on, and Yi En is also talking about an endorsement, so Yin Shuang Shuang is not very anxious.

But after the endorsement was discussed, Yin Shuang Shuang was still taken aback.

“Ouhua Jewelry” This old jewelry company is the powerhouse jewelry company in China.

The brand image has always been dominated by elegance and luxury.

In the past, all the spokespersons were first-line actresses.

How can such resources fall on her now!

“Well, Ouhua Jewelry has recently developed a new series of light luxury pearl jewelry.

The main target group is women under the age of 30.

The other party believes that you have contributed to the sales of Chantelle underwear, and it has caused many different trends, one after another.

You are currently more influential in appealing to young women than many online traffic celebrities, so they knocked you down as the spokesperson of the pearl series Bella.

“The trend What trend “Yin Shuang Shuang asked Yi En on the video call in confusion.

Yi En raised his eyebrows and said, “Don’t you know that many young women are imitating your posture in several different sexual intercourse locations in the movie”

Yin Shuang Shuang suddenly burst laughing and said, “They are fantasizing about being with Du Sheng.

It is not entirely because of me.”

“No, according to the results of our survey, many women think that the role you play is very contagious and passionate about sexual intercourse.

They fantasize that they can be as involved as you, so they have set off a craze to follow your behavior.”

Yin Shuang Shuang thought secretly in her heart, so the meaning behind this sentence is that the women in this world are not as keen on sexual intercourse as she thought.

Before she could think about it, Yi En paused and said, “In addition, we have also received an invitation from a variety show.

This show will focus on filming your genitals.

Tomorrow, I have already booked a full-body maintenance course for you in a beauty club.

Fortunately, your promotional activities have also come to an end.

You should not have any sexual intercourse in these few days.

I will send you and Bai Mo the program information later.”

After Yin Shuang Shuang received the information, under Bai Mo’s information, she learned that this program is not appropriate to say that it is a variety show.

After all, the channel on which this program is broadcast is a popular science channel and an appraisal program.

Most of the time, they identify all kinds of cultural relics related to sex or popularize ancient sex culture.

Still, occasionally there will be a few issues, which will be to identify the private parts of men and women.

Therefore, as long as this show encounters the identification of private parts, the ratings will remain high, and it is even possible to win the national championship.

And once experts can evaluate it as a famous device, even an amateur who wants to climb to the second tier quickly is possible enough.

With the name of a famous device, she can instantly attract countless fans.

Zhou Yu also appeared on this show when she debuted; therefore, in a few years, she quickly rose to the status of a top-tier actress.

Apart from her strength, she is also inextricably linked to this show.

Bai Mo was even more nervous than Yin Shuang Shuang, so she went online to find the previous episodes for Yin Shuang Shuang to watch, and constantly analyzed the evaluation criteria of the judges with her.

In fact, even Yi En was surprised to receive an invitation from this program group.

Many brokerage companies in the industry have come up with the idea of taking advantage of this program.

Still, the attitude of the program team is very tough and extremely difficult to buy.

It is the kind that cannot be bought with oil and salt.

Even the few traffic celebrities on the line have yet to be invited to this program.

Therefore, Yan Lie and Yi En attached great importance to the program invitation this time.


The National Three Channels Fengyue Appreciation column group recorded the scene.

A handsome face with a little arrogance appeared in the audience, but it was out of tune with the audience around him.

Si Li, dressed casually but exuding the aura of a noble son, is bored and tosses a special bronze coin in his hand.

This is a gimmick by the program team.

It is said that the ancient brothel judges the oiran, so you have to hold such a bronze coin to have the opportunity to get up close and get close to the oiran.

And the one in his hand was given to him by his cousin before entering the arena, who said that he should keep it well and it would be of great use later.

Speaking of which, he would come to participate in this messy appraisal program that his cousin arranged.

He said he must come today.

Otherwise, he will regret it.

What can he regret As the successor of the top ten leading domestic enterprises, Sex Workshop, there are not many things that can make him regret, but this is the first time his cousin has taken over the planning of this show.

If he doesn’t give his cousin a face, his father will scold him if he knows it.

But he is not interested in the identification of this famous device.

Hasn’t he seen enough famous devices There is a bunch of customized series of female celebrities in his showroom.

Which one hasn’t he **ed yet Isn’t this concept the same as for **ing around


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