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Su Bei took out the foam spray and sprayed it at Gun Gun.

Gun Gun laughed as he rolled toward the sofa.

After the elders left, the real birthday celebration began.

Lu Weijian also joined in.

The entire room was filled with smiles.

“Here, this is for you.

Open it and take a look!” Lu Weijian stuffed a large gift box into Gun Guns hands.

“Thank you, Uncle!” Gun Gun immediately opened it.

“Wow, its a limited edition mecha chariot! Its called Peace! I really wanted it!”

Lu Weijian was instantly satisfied when he received a soft kiss from Gun Gun.

“What else do you want Ill buy it for you when I go overseas next time!”

It was not easy to please Da Bao, but Lu Weijian could easily please Gun Gun.

“Brother Da Bao, lets share the toy and play with it together!” After getting his present, Gun Gun immediately ran to Da Bao and handed it to him as if it was a treasure.

Da Bao smiled lightly.

“Thank you.

I have something for you too.”

“Ah, thats great.

Thank you, Brother Da Bao! Brother Da Bao, youre the best!” Gun Gun hugged Da Bao and kissed him on the cheek.

Da Baos face was covered in saliva now.

Lu Weijian was truly jealous.

He had only received a calmThank you, Uncle.

On the other hand, Gun Gun had kissed Da Baos face so many times.

“Da Bao, what did you give him” Lu Weijian was also very curious about what kind of gift the cold and cheerless Da Bao would give Gun Gun.

Da Bao handed a pair of binoculars to Gun Gun and said, “Take a look yourself.

Over there.”

He pointed at a corner of the sky and asked Gun Gun to look.

Gun Gun held the binoculars and looked in that direction.

He said softly, “I see something shiny.

What is it Is it a star”

“Its a newly discovered planet.

Ill name it after you in the future.

Itll be called Gun Gun,” Da Bao said with his arms crossed.

“Really Thank you, Brother Da Bao.

I like it!” Gun Gun was overjoyed.

“Let me take a look!” Lu Weijian snatched it over and took a look.

There was indeed a planet.

It was not very dazzling, but it was very beautiful.

However, he leaned closer to Da Baos ear and said, “Youre really wasting your money.

Youre using this to fool little children.

Is your conscience clear I can give you a hundred of such gifts!”

Of course, he thought that Da Bao was just making it up to make Gun Gun happy.

Da Bao glanced at him and signaled him to switch on his phone.

“You make it sound so real.” Lu Weijian turned on his phone and casually typed in some keywords.

He suddenly saw a piece of news.

[Recently, astronomists have discovered a new planet through a high-quality astronomical telescope.

This planet is about to be namedGun Gun.]

What Lu Weijians soul seemed to fly out of his body!

Alright, he really admitted defeat to his nephew!

Right, where were his eldest brother and sister-in-law Lu Weijian blushed in embarrassment in front of Da Bao.

He was already in his 20s, but he always lost to a five-year-old.

He decided to find a place to hide.

Then, he realized that Lu Heting and Su Bei had long been on the other side.

This couple was indeed worthy of their reputation!

They only had eyes for each other.

How could they remember that there was a pair of children and a younger brother here

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