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On the day of the birthday banquet, the three elders came to where Su Bei and Lu Heting were staying.

The three bedrooms and one living room unit was not considered small.

In this place where land was expensive, it was already a house that many families dreamed of living in.

However, in the eyes of the three elders, this was too small.

It was not even as big as the living room of the old residence.

They naturally felt sorry for the two children.

They began to feel sorry for Lu Heting again.

Lu Heting, who had never suffered any grievances since he was young, was actually staying here with Su Bei.

Old Master Lu sat on the sofa, feeling extremely uncomfortable.

He coughed lightly and said, “Su Bei…”

Lu Heting gently rolled up his sleeves and took the initiative to pour tea for Grandpa.

He said, “Ill accompany Su Bei in the kitchen for a while.

Grandpa, Grandma, you two have tea first.”

Old Master Lu was shocked.

Lu Heting would be helping in the kitchen

Did he know where the kitchen was

Madam Lu was wondering why Liao Xintong was not here yet.

The car that she arranged to pick her up had gone out a long time ago.

Lu Weijian glanced in Madam Lus direction and chuckled.

Liao Xintong probably wouldnt be coming.

Lu Weijian had already arranged for Madam Lus chauffeur to drive Liao Xintong out of the city.

They were probably going farther and farther away now.

An imposter aunt wanted to attend Gun Guns birthday banquet If it were not for the fact that his elder brother had to investigate this matter, Lu Weijian would have told Madam Lu the truth.

Fortunately, Gun Gun and Da Bao appeared in the living room at the same time.

For a moment, the three elders could not take their eyes off them.

They wished they could hug the two children in their arms at the same time.

Hence, even though they were worried about Liao Xintong, they did not have the time to ask.

They were still thinking about the two children in front of them.

For Gun Guns birthday, the dishes were all personally prepared by Su Bei.

She did not have any intention of currying favor with the elders.

It was purely because Su Bei sincerely loved this child and treated him as her own son.

After dinner, Liao Xintong naturally did not appear.

She only sent a message to apologize to Mrs.


Of course, she even called to talk to Gun Gun.

However, Gun Gun did not pick up the call at all, so Madam Lu could not force him.

Liao Xintong was extremely disappointed, but she could not rush over at all.

The chauffeur had taken the wrong road.

They were already outside the city and had encountered a huge traffic jam.

It was impossible to rush over.

With Liao Xintongs personality, she would not say in front of Madam Lu that the chauffeur had taken the wrong path.

Instead, she would keep saying that it was her fault that the chauffeur had taken the wrong road and they were stuck outside the city.

Hearing her apology, Madam Lu turned around and saw Gun Gun and Da Bao surrounding Su Bei and Lu Heting while laughing.

For a moment, she actually thought that it was a good thing that Liao Xintong did not come over.

She had already experienced the misery of having a broken family.

It made Lu Heting bear a lot of unnecessary pain since he was young.

Were Da Bao and Gun Gun happier than she thought

After cutting the cake, the three elders left.

Lu Heting sent them to the door and gave the chauffeur and bodyguards some orders before watching his family leave.

Lu Heting turned around.

The room was filled with laughter as everyone played around.

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