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“Brother! Brother!” Lu Weijian rushed into Lu Hetings office.

He could not wait to show the results to Lu Heting.

After all, he had done all the tests Lu Heting had asked him to do.

He did not dare to do what he did not ask him to do.

It was time to report this.

When he rushed in, the few higher-ups looked at him in unison.



“Wait there.” Lu Heting was talking about serious matters.

They were very important, and he did not have time to spare for Lu Weijian.

Although Lu Weijian was anxious and wanted to report it immediately, he had to endure it and wait for his brothers meeting to end.

Time seemed to pass exceptionally slow.

Lu Weijian had no choice but to take out his phone and play a game first.

Just as he was enjoying himself, a chestnut hit him on his head.

“Are you courting death” Lu Weijian looked up and met Lu Hetings cold eyes.

He quickly put away his phone and ignored the fact that he was confronting the big boss.

“Brother, is your meeting over”

Lu Heting sat down and raised his chin to gesture at the sky outside the window.

Only then did Lu Weijian realize that it was already late.

He had indeed played the game for a long time.

“Brother, this is for you.

I did the three tests you told me to.

I did a test between Liao Xintong and Gun Gun, and two more tests between Liao Xintongs parents and Gun Gun.

However, Liao Xintongs sister, Liao Qing, has been dead for a long time, so I couldnt find any sample.

Guess what the results are”

Lu Heting took the documents, flipped through them, and found the conclusion.

“Both parties are not related.”

Heavy black words appeared in his eyes.

The tests proved that the three people were not related to Gun Gun.

In other words, Gun Gun was not related to the entire Liao family by blood.

“Could it be that Liao Qing isnt from the Liao family” Lu Weijian asked.

Sensing the cold gaze staring at him, he hurriedly said, “The possibility of this is almost zero, but why is Gun Gun your son and not Liao Qing Unfortunately, Liao Qing is already dead.

I dont even know who to ask about this now.

Speaking of which, whos Gun Guns biological mother Will it be a problem”

It was hard to imagine that Gun Guns mother was not from the Liao family.

Where did Gun Gun come from Lu Weijian frowned and pondered.

“Go and check if the Liao family knows about this.

Its fine if they dont, but if they do…” Lu Hetings tone was extremely stern when he said the last sentence.

“Yes, Ill do it now.” Lu Weijian knew how important this matter was when he saw his brothers expression.

Lu Heting did not reveal this for the time being.

Hence, the elders of the Lu family, who did not know anything, agreed to let Liao Xintong attend Gun Guns birthday party.

“Well arrange for a car to pick you up,” Madam Lu said.

It was not convenient for her to reveal where Lu Heting and Su Bei were staying for the time being, so she could only send a car to pick her up.

“Alright, thank you, Aunt.” Liao Xintong could not contain her excitement.

She had already prepared a gift.

She would wait to give it to Gun Gun when she saw him.

Speaking of which, it had been a while since she last saw Gun Gun, so she naturally had not seen Lu Heting either.

Her heart was already surging with emotions.

She wanted to see him again as soon as possible.

After what had happened to Yao Jing last time, she was afraid that Madam Lus attitude toward her would change.

Fortunately, it seemed that Madam Lu still thought highly of her and Yao Jings matter did not affect anything.

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