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“You really agree to Gun Guns request” Su Bei saw that Lu Heting was deep in thought and was worried that he was thinking about how to maintain the relationship between the two families.

After all, Gun Guns birth had not been Lu Hetings choice.

Su Bei was already prepared to compromise and give in.

“Its not that I agree.” Lu Hetings voice was calm.

“I had already planned it from the start.

Its time for Gun Gun to cut ties with the Liao family.”

He looked into Su Beis eyes and kissed her.

“Ill handle it.

Dont worry.”

Su Bei did not say anything.

It was a good thing that he could handle Gun Guns matters.

It would be beneficial to Gun Guns growth.

Lu Heting took a toothbrush and brought it to his office.

Lu Weijian sat in front of him and said, “Whats the matter, Brother”

“This is Gun Gun Guns toothbrush,” Lu Heting said.

“I want you to check if hes related to the Liao family.”

“Is it a difficult task” Lu Heting raised an eyebrow and glanced at him.

Lu Weijian hurriedly shook his head.

“Its not difficult, but what are you thinking about Are you going to check your blood ties with Gun Gun You did it once back then, so its definitely not a problem.

However, you did a pre-marital check-up six years ago and left your sperm cells in the hospital, but they ended up being stolen.

“Back then, samples of other men were stolen as well.

What if that Liao fellow made a mistake during the surgery”

After he finished speaking, he saw Lu Hetings expression darken.

He knew that he had said the wrong thing and quickly corrected himself.

“Gun Gun is so obedient.

One look and you can tell that hes a child of the Lu family.

Hes your biological son.

The Liao family could have made mistakes, but its impossible for the Lu family!”

“Go.” Lu Hetings voice darkened.

Five years ago, when Gun Gun was brought back, Madam Lu had arranged for a doctor to examine him.

She found out that Gun Gun was indeed Lu Hetings son, so she kept the child.

At that time, Lu Heting did not have much feeling for Gun Gun.

Moreover, Su Bei had left him, but he suddenly had a child.

It made him lose his reason and courage to look for Su Bei.

However, later on, he started to adore Gun Gun.

Lu Weijian was right.

The child might not be related to the Liao family, but he must be from the Lu family.

It was because Su Bei and Gun Gun shared a deep relationship.

Hence, Lu Heting was not questioning Gun Guns identity.

He just wanted to know what the Liao family was hiding.

The older Gun Gun became, the more disloyal he was to them.

It was not difficult for Lu Weijian to obtain information on Liao Xintong and the other members of the Liao family.

However, this matter was a secret.

Since his eldest brother had so solemnly instructed him, he naturally had to do it properly.

He never had a good impression of the Liao family.

How could a family that would steal his elder brothers sperm in order to achieve their goal be considered good people He did not sue them in court and ruin their reputation all because of Gun Gun!

After all, no one wanted Gun Gun to have relatives in jail.

Liao Xintong was still pushing her luck.

Lu Weijian had long disliked her.

Lu Weijian also hoped that this child had nothing to do with the Liao family.

“Check carefully.

Dont let anything go wrong,” Lu Weijian reminded the doctor after handing the things over.

Three days later, Lu Weijian received a detailed report.

He took a look and immediately went to Lu Hetings office.

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