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Su Bei believed that Da Bao would never teach Gun Gun to say these words.

How long had Gun Gun been hiding these thoughts

How hard was it for a child to suppress these thoughts

“Why Can you tell me why you feel that way” Su Bei put down the things in her hand and asked gently.

She wanted to know if Liao Xintong was bad to him.

With Su Beis identity, she could help him, but she could not interfere in the matters between him and the Liao family.

Gun Gun shook his head.

“I just dont like her.”

“Does Aunt Liao treat you badly Was she ever fierce Did she beat you” Su Bei asked in a low voice.

“No.” Gun Gun continued to shake his head.

“But I still dont want to see her.”

Su Bei found it strange.

Liao Xintong looked very gentle, at least to Gun Gun.

Moreover, with her identity, she should not be too bad to Gun Gun.

Instead, she seemed very accommodating to him.

“Bei Bei, do you think my birthday wish can be fulfilled” Gun Gun asked as he looked at Su Bei eagerly.

Su Bei was in a dilemma.

With her identity, it was really difficult for her to help Gun Gun make this decision.

“Congratulations, it can be fulfilled.” Lu Hetings deep voice sounded above the mothers and sons heads.

Su Bei looked up and met the mans deep black eyes.

He said calmly, “Its possible, Gun Gun.”

The light in Gun Guns eyes shone.

“Really Really! The birthday wish that Bei Bei gave me is really good.

I like it so much!”

Lu Heting rolled his eyes at the heartless kid.

He was clearly the one helping him fulfill his wish.

Gun Gun had already pounced into Su Beis arms and was happily rolling around in her arms.

Lu Heting had originally planned to stop the Liao family from attending Gun Guns birthday banquet this year.

Now that Su Bei was around, he wanted to gradually cut off all contact with the Liao family.

Hence, he chose to hold the birthday banquet here.

He was initially a little worried that Gun Gun would not agree.

Unexpectedly, Gun Gun was the first to make such a request.

Lu Hetings thoughts were scattered.

After realizing that Gun Gun did not like Liao Xintong, he had a hazy notion of the reason but could not completely grasp it.

He could tell that Gun Gun did not have any feelings for the Liao family.

Liao Xintong could be considered to be very indulgent and accommodating to Gun Gun.

She was also extremely good to Gun Gun.

That was all true.

This was also one of the reasons why he did not stop them from meeting each other before Su Bei returned.

However, he realized more and more that Gun Guns rejection of the Liao family seemed to come from his nature—it was in his bones.

Blood ties and long-term interactions could nurture feelings.

However, not only did Gun Gun not have any feelings for the Liao family, but he was also resistant to them.

It was especially impossible for him to suspect Su Bei.

Su Bei was very careful with Gun Guns upbringing and treated Da Bao and Gun Gun equally.

Then the only reason for this… Could it be that there was something fishy going on back then

Lu Heting thought that it was necessary to investigate.

Su Bei let go of Gun Gun.

Gun Gun then went to Da Baos side.

Gun Gun was like a leg accessory.

If he did not cling to Su Bei, he would cling to Da Bao.

He could not rest for even a moment.

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