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Lu Hetings actions and voice were filled with affection.

“Lets go home.”

Gun Guns birthday was two months later than Da Baos.

Although he looked like he was a year younger than Da Bao.

Two months ago, on Da Baos birthday, everything was very calm.

At that time, Da Bao had not returned to the Lu family.

Gun Guns birthday was different.

It had always been the Lu familys most important family banquet.

The entire family was mobilized to prepare for Gun Guns birthday.

He was only turning five this year.

As usual, not too many guests would be invited for his birthday.

The family would just celebrate it among themselves.

Usually, the Lu and Liao families would prepare for the birthday together.

This time, there was Su Bei.

Su Bei was busy.

She had already bought a lot of things and even personally cooked a lot of food.

She had to give Gun Gun the happiest birthday.

Actually, there were people who could do all these things.

Even Lu Heting had never personally taken action.

However, when he saw Su Beis arrangements, Lu Heting also rolled up his sleeves and revealed his strong forearms to help.

Lu Heting had decided to hold the birthday banquet here.

The three elders would also be invited here.

It would not be held in the Lu familys old residence.

Da Bao and Gun Gun came forward to help with interest.

Da Bao was organized and reasonable.

Meanwhile, Gun Gun could only help by the side by handing things over.

“So, when I blow out the candles on my cake, Bei Bei and Big Brother Da Bao will be there too” Gun Gun confirmed repeatedly.

“Yes, well all be there,” Su Bei replied with a smile.

Gun Gun patted its round little hand.


His eyes were wide and bright.

“Im so happy! This will be the best birthday Ive ever had!”

Su Bei looked at him and smiled.

Gun Gun ran to Da Baos side.

“Im so happy that youll be celebrating my birthday with me, Brother Da Bao.”

“Yes.” Da Bao smiled slightly and glanced at him casually.

“Dad must be happier than me because Bei Bei and Big Brother Da Bao are celebrating my birthday with me,” Gun Gun said as he went to Lu Hetings side.

Lu Heting patted his head.

“Thats right.”

Gun Gun lay on the sofa and rolled around.

“Hubby, can you go to my room and help me get something” Su Bei said to Lu Heting.

Lu Heting obediently went to get it for her.

Gun Gun rolled off the sofa and ran to Su Beis side.

“Bei Bei, can I make a wish on my birthday”

“Then can I make two Can I make one now” Gun Gun blinked his big eyes and asked.

Su Bei smiled.

“Everyone can only make one wish, but how about this Itll be my birthday soon.

Ill give you my birthday wish.

That way, you can make two.”

“Thank you, Bei Bei.

I want to make one now.” Gun Gun clasped his hands and said loudly, “I dont want to spend this birthday banquet with my aunt, nor do I want to go to the Liao family.

Also, I dont want to see the Liao family at all.”

Lu Heting had just stepped out of the room when he paused.

Su Bei was very surprised.

She did not expect him to make such a wish.

She knew from the last time that Gun Gun did not like Liao Xintong very much.

However, she never thought that he would dislike her to such an extent.

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