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When his gaze landed on Du Luo, Du Luo felt like he had been grabbed by something.

He could not say anything.

The man strode over to Su Bei and gently held her shoulders.

Su Bei looked up at him gently.

A smile appeared on the mans arrogant lips.

The two of them did not share many intimate actions, but anyone could tell that they were harmonious and had a tacit understanding.

“Hello, Mr.


Im Su Beis husband, Lu Heting.” Lu Heting nodded and greeted him.

The man who could appear in the office on the top floor of Lu Group and be addressed as Mr.

Lu was so young and powerful.

Su Bei had married such a man!

He was not like the middle-aged man he thought Mr.

Lu was.

All his worries for Su Bei had turned into embarrassment and shame.

Lu Heting did not look much older than him, but the aura and bearing he exuded was not something he could compare to.

Su Bei raised a faint smile.


Du, youve also seen my husband now.

I hope you wont keep calling me next time and have any more misunderstandings.”

Du Luo looked at Su Bei and Lu Heting in dejection.

The man and woman in front of him were so compatible.

They were a perfect match.

They looked like a perfect match who was not from this world.

Yes, he previously thought that Su Bei was miserable and he was the only one worthy of her.

Unexpectedly, this blow was even more intense than he had imagined.

Du Luos voice was dry and uncomfortable.

“Youre married.

I didnt even have the chance to give you my blessings.

Sorry, sorry.”

“You dont have to be sorry.

You couldnt have come to give your blessings back then anyway.” Su Bei smiled.

“When did you get married” Du Luo asked subconsciously.

“On… the day you and I were supposed to get married.” Su Bei recalled the past.

Her voice was calm.

Du Luo heard this and was shocked.


Could it be that they had known each other for a long time Or was there something else going on

Su Bei said calmly, “I told you that Su Huixian drugged me at that time, but no one believed me.

I went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get my documents and happened to meet Mr.



Lu saved me.”

When Du Luo heard this, he did not ask anything else.

He should have known long ago.

He should have known long ago that Su Huixian was not the innocent and obedient woman he thought she was.

She had so many tricks up her sleeve, so how could she have shown mercy to Su Bei

He turned around and walked out.

His body was trembling slightly.

He had to control himself to walk out steadily.

The emotions that spread in his heart completely swallowed him.

He knew that he would no longer have the face and courage to look for Su Bei in the future.

When he personally kicked her away, he should have known that she wouldnt have continued to wait for him.

He was ashamed of his inferiority in front of Lu Heting.

Su Bei also heaved a sigh of relief.

Du Luo had finally left.

He and Su Huixian would never appear in her sight again.

She would not be bothered by them anymore.

Lu Heting bent down and hugged Su Bei from behind, resting his chin on her head.

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