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She was so leisurely and beautiful.

There was a trace of flirtatiousness in her innocence that made Du Luos heart sway.

He suddenly stopped in his tracks and did not dare to go forward anymore, as if he was afraid of offending the beauty.

She raised her eyes slightly and saw the person standing in front of her with a stiff expression.

Su Bei pursed her thin lips and smiled.


Du, youre here”

She did not call him Du Luo but Mr.


The meaning was very obvious.


Du, take a seat,” Su Bei said casually and pointed at the sofa opposite with her chin.

Du Luo did not move.

The nameMr.

Lu was just an invisible pressure before Du Luo came here, but now that he was here, the pressure was tangible.

It was the kind of pressure that felt like there was something pressing on his body, making him unable to act rashly.

It also made him see the huge gap between him and Lu Group.

He clenched his fists by the side of his pants.

The words he wanted to persuade Su Bei were stuck in his throat.

They became, “Why did you call me here”

He had to lay some groundwork before he could persuade her.

Perhaps there was still a chance.

He recalled the past and realized how precious Su Bei was.

She had taken a liking to him when he was not very rich in the Du family.

When she was with him, she never spent his money.

She was not a girl who took a liking to fame, money, and money.

He was the one who pushed her away and forced her into such a situation.

He thought that he had to be responsible for this.

“Oh, because I told you not to contact me before, but you called again.

So, my husband wants to make things clear to you in person.

Please dont call me again.

Im a married woman now.

Its really inconvenient if you keep calling me, Mr.

Du.” Su Bei displayed a faint smile and said to Du Luo in a flat voice.

Her eyes were gentle and calm as if she was saying something normal.

“You and Mr.

Lu are married” Du Luos eyes were filled with surprise.

“I thought you were just…”

He had never expected this.

The high and mighty Mr.

Lu was mysterious and low-profile.

He was actually willing to marry Su Bei.

No wonder Su Bei married him without fear.

Not many people could refuse the identity of Mrs.


However, could such an identity really bring her happiness

“I dont want to hear any doubts or slander from you again.

I dont think my husband wants to hear those either.” Su Bei raised a smile.

Her tone was kind, but there was a faint arrogance.

Just like before, she was arrogant to the point of keeping others away.

She was also so beautiful that one could only look at her from afar but could not hope to touch her.

Du Luo felt like his throat was being pinched.

“I wont say anything about this, but are you really willing to accept this life Apart from his identity and status, what else does he have What can he give you Hes so old.

How long can he accompany you…”

As Du Luo spoke, he suddenly saw the man in front of him and his eyes flashed.

He subconsciously shut up.

The man in front of him looked quite young.

He should not be more than 30 years old.

However, the aura he exuded was that of someone who had been in power for a long time.

The man was wearing an exquisite suit, which covered every inch of his perfect body.

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