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Su Bei was about to refuse when Lu Heting nodded slightly at her.

Su Bei said, “Then come over… to Lu Group.

Call me when youre here.”

Du Luo was wild with joy after getting permission.

“Ill be right there!”

Su Bei hung up.

“You want to see him”

“We have to make him give up, right” Lu Heting did not want this man who overestimated himself to keep pestering Su Bei.

This was not good for Su Beis personal reputation.

Su Bei nodded.

“It might be because of Su Huixians matter.

However, what does this have to do with me Theres a category of men who are especially petty and narrow-minded.

They only pretend to be successful.

They wont allow any woman to be better than them or stronger than them.

They only want women to worship them wholeheartedly, even if they cant compare to them.

If it doesnt work out with one woman, theyll choose another.”

When Lu Heting heard Su Bei say that Du Luo was petty and narrow-minded, a trace of amusement appeared in his eyes.

However, this evaluation was appropriate.

Did Du Luo really like Su Bei That might not be the case.

He only liked the idea he had of Su Bei, not Su Bei herself.

Lu Heting hugged Su Bei.

“Then if Im the opposite of him, am I especially big-hearted”

“Lu Heting, what are you saying” Su Bei punched his chest with her soft fist.

Du Luo came to Lu Group excitedly.

When he stepped in, he immediately wondered why Su Bei wanted him to come here.

What was her motive

Could it be that she could not stand the temptation and had chosen the shortcut

It must be very difficult for her to leave him, right It must have been very difficult for her to be in the United States back then, right

However, since she had already protected herself back then, why did she have to do this now

Du Luo walked into Lu Group with a trace of regret and sorrow.


Du Luo” Lu Hang came forward.

He was polite, pleasant, and very magnanimous.

“Thats me, and you are” Du Luo looked at Lu Hang in confusion.

“Im Mr.

Lus assistant.


Lu arranged for me to wait for you here,” Lu Hang said.

As an assistant, he was more imposing than many other presidents outside.

The Du family was already far inferior to the Lu family.

Now that they had a failed investment, Du Luo felt even more ashamed in front of Lu Hang.

He said in a low voice, “Thank you.”

Then, he followed Lu Hang.

After entering the elevator, Lu Hang pressed the button for the top floor.

Du Luo closed his eyes in sorrow and thought that Su Bei had indeed chosen that path.

It was an easy path, one that even he could not give her.

However, she was so young and beautiful.

Why did she choose a big-bellied old man She could have chosen him!

All the decorations on the top floor of Lu Group shone in Du Luos eyes.

He almost did not care about immersing himself in his emotions anymore.

He was dazzled by all the extravagant yet simple decorations in Lu Group.

“Were here, Mr.

Du,” Lu Hang said to Du Luo as he stood at the door.

He opened the office door for Du Luo.

Du Luo immediately saw Su Bei sitting on the high-end leather sofa in front of him.

Her eyes were slightly lowered as she held the magazine in her hand and casually flipped through it.

Her fingers were in her thick long hair as she pushed her waterfall-like hair back.

Her expression was lazy and carefree as if she was in her own home.

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