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“Its a good thing that theyre serious about their jobs, but their ability is really worrying.

Let the two of them go for training!” After Lu Heting finished speaking, the two security guards looked as if they had been pardoned.

They were so excited that tears welled up in their eyes!

Lu Heting had already brought Su Bei into his office.

Su Bei wanted to apologize again.

“Im sorry.

I didnt expect there to be security guards on your floor…”

“This is your place too, Mrs.


Have you forgotten your identity as the madam” The mans voice carried a hint of blame.

Lu Heting reached out to take off her clothes.

She was wearing the uniform of a delivery man and looked a little irksome.

Moreover, it might have previously been worn by a delivery man.

“No, no, no.

Its new.” Su Bei quickly covered herself.

“Dont mess with it.”

Lu Heting chuckled.

“Its good that its new.”

He stopped moving.

“Do you like my office”

His office was decorated very simply.

It was in black, white, and gray.

Although it was of good taste and style, it was still a little too dull and monotonous.

Su Bei looked around.

This office was really big.

It was probably even bigger than her three-bedroom apartment, right

However, other than the bookshelf, the desk, and the sofa, as well as the coffee table, there was not a single plant here.

There was only a computer, documents, and a photo album on his table.

In the photo album were only photos of Gun Gun.

There were many people in his office, so he did not put any photos of Su Bei and Da Bao.

“Not bad.” Su Bei looked around.

It was an office.

These things were enough.

However, Lu Heting knew that she liked warm colors, green plants, and flowers.

It seemed that they would have to redecorate the place.

Even though she might not be here for long.

“Customer, please sign the delivery order.” Su Bei took out a lunch box from her clothes.

Seeing her suddenly take out the lunch box, Lu Heting could not help but laugh softly.

He reached out to take it.

It was warm rice balls and fragrant chicken soup.

“Why do you think Im wearing the clothes of a delivery man I wanted to knock on your door and ask you to sign for it.

Fortunately, it didnt spill.

Eat it while its hot! I heard from Lu Hang that you often miss your meals when youre busy.

That wont do! Have you forgotten what happened to me back then”

Lu Heting thought of her misdiagnosis back then and choked.

He said, “Lets eat together, then.”

As the two of them were eating, Su Beis phone rang.

She glanced at it.

It was an unknown number.

Afraid that it might have to do with work, she clicked it open and pressed the speaker button.

Du Luos voice came from the other hand.

“Su Bei, its me.”

Su Bei quickly glanced at Lu Heting.

Seeing that his expression was normal, she could not remain calm anymore.

When had she reached the stage where she could talk to Du Luo on the phone anytime

“Whats the matter” Her tone was very stiff.

“Su Bei, I really want to see you.

I realized that I was wrong.

I was really wrong!” Du Luos voice was a little hoarse and crazy.

He was driving a sports car and speeding along the road.

Everything Su Huixian had done and the fact that she only loved his money had dealt him a huge blow.

He suddenly realized who was the most important person to him and who was worthy of cherishing.

He wanted to make it up to her and get back together.

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