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Chapter 99: Chapter99 Even the General Manager Came

Su Huixian was willing to give Su Beis cars back because she had used them for a long time anyway.

And she knew that if Su Xingfu found out that Su Bei took her cars, he would feel guilty and would definitely buy her new ones.

Su Bei knew that Su Huixian was good at pretending and hiding.

So with a faint smile on her red lips, she said lightly, “Actually, Ive been wondering who has picked up the things Ive thrown away.

It turns out that its you.

Since youve picked them up, you can keep them to yourself.

After all, garbage has to be sorted, right Now I dont have to worry where to throw them away.”

The look on Su Huixians face slightly changed.

Su Beis words were obviously hinting that Du Luo was part of her garbage.

The irony in her voice was too obvious.

Xu Meiqi angrily said, “Su Bei, youre going too far! Who are you mocking overtly”

“Am I mocking anyone” The smile on Su Beis face still looked so natural.

Her slightly flushed face didnt show any trace of mockery at all.

People who didnt know them would think that she was simply chatting with her old acquaintances.

She looked at Xu Meiqi calmly.

“If a dog bites me, I dont need to bite it back, right Im not that stupid!”

Xu Meiqi was so angry that she almost pounced on Su Bei.

Seeing the stalemate between them, the store manager hurriedly walked over to mediate.

He said to Su Huixian, “Miss Su, why dont you take a look at the other cars I can give the biggest discount to any car you choose.”

Su Huixian really didnt want to talk to Su Bei anymore, so she just glanced at Su Bei lazily.

Su Bei also lost interest in looking at the other cars, so she decided to leave.

She was about to walk out of the shop when her phone rang.

When she saw Lu Hetings name flashing on the screen, his calm and dazzling obsidian-like eyes appeared in her mind.

She answered the phone at once.

“Hello, Heting.”

“Su Bei, I remember you said you are going to buy a car today, right”


Im actually here in the car dealership youve recommended to me.

But none of the cars here suits me.

Im about to leave.” She realized that this shop was not a good place to buy a car.

But she didnt blame him for recommending it to her.

As Lu Weijians driver, he must have come to this car dealership often for car maintenance.

The staff here must have treated him well, so he didnt know that the snobbish manager actually treated people according to their social status.

Lu Heting said in a deep but mellow voice, “Wait a moment.

Ive contacted the manager I know there.

He will be there to assist you.

Maybe he can help you find a suitable one.”

Su Bei wanted to refuse because the cars here were too expensive.

But when she thought that Lu Heting must have exerted so much effort to ask for help, she felt that what he did would be in vain if she left.

Besides, it wouldnt take her much time to take a look at the cars.

If she couldnt afford the car that the said manager would recommend, she could just go away without buying it.

With a gentle smile, she said on the phone, “Okay then, Ill have a look.”

Lu Heting just hummed softly, but there seemed to be a smile in his voice.

As soon as Su Bei hung up the phone, she saw a tall and thin middle-aged man walking towards her, followed by an assistant.

It seemed that he was the general manager here.

The store manager and Su Huixian also saw the general manager walking towards them.

The store manager thought that the general manager must have come here because of Su Huixian.

After all, the Su family and the Du family both had high status in Jingdu City.

The amount of their consumption was also very high.

The general manager probably showed up because the daughter of the head of Su family was here.

A bright smile also appeared on Su Huixians face.

She thought to herself,The general manager is really respectful to my father and Du Luo.

He has come to personally welcome me.

Xu Meiqi smiled and said, “Huixian, thats Manager Gao.

He must be here to personally assist you.

Im sure hell give you a better discount.”

Luo Lili was very envious.

She said, “A woman doesnt only need her own career but also a powerful background.

Look at Su Bei.

Even though she appeared on the stage of Orisa Fashion Show, its nothing.

People still look down upon her.”


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