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As for the security guards on the floor, they were still rolling around.

Clearly, they had been beaten up by Su Bei.

Lu Heting relaxed a little.

Fortunately, Su Bei was fine.

When everyone saw Lu Heting coming over and pulling the delivery man back.

They were shocked.


Lu, we dont know what this person is doing.

He broke in here without permission…”

They saw Mr.

Lu, who had a cold expression on his face, lower his head.

Then, there was a rare look of gentleness on his face as he waved at the delivery man.

“Does it hurt”

Everyone froze like statues.

What was going on

How could they not understand Mr.

Lus gentle tone and affectionate actions

The two security guards felt even more terrified.

Initially, they were already shocked that they could not stop this delivery man.

They were afraid that they would be fired.

Now, Mr.

Lu actually knew this delivery man

They covered the spots where they were beaten up.

Should they be glad that they did not stop him

“Its okay, it doesnt hurt.” Su Bei shook her head.

“If I had known that there were security guards here, I wouldnt have entered the elevator so casually.

I would have waited for you to pick me up.”

Everyone was even more surprised.

This person was not just someone Mr.

Lu knew.

From his tone, he sounded very close to Mr.


Wait, was this person a guy or a girl

The person Me.

Lu would personally pick up… Even if no one dared to guess aloud, they roughly knew who it was.

The two security guards were at a loss for words.

Had they offended someone close to Mr.


They looked miserable.

Were they going to be fired

Would they have to leave Lu Group the moment they had the chance to perform

However, they did not dare to beg Mr.


With their identities, how were they qualified Moreover, they could not even defeat a young man with such a petite body.

They did not have the face to beg to stay.

“Lets go to my office.” Lu Heting held Su Beis hand and led her into the office.

Their minds were filled with various thoughts.


Lu actually liked men No wonder he had not dated a woman for so many years! It turned out Mr.

Lu had found someone to be a surrogate mother!

They seemed to have discovered something incredible!

“Wait, theres still the two of them.

Ill apologize.

Im sorry,” Su Bei quickly said to the two security guards.

She did not think too much just now.

When they attacked, she attacked back in order to protect herself.

“Its okay, its okay.

Were sorry.

Were sorry…” The two security guards kept waving their hands.

How would they dare to accept Su Beis apology

Lu Hang also recognized that this was Su Bei.

These two security guards were blind.

Fortunately, Su Bei was fine.

Otherwise, even he would not be able to get away today.

Su Bei smiled and said, “You were just doing your jobs.

I was rude and rash.”

“No, we were the ones who were! We were too rude!”

“Lu Hang, let the two of them…” Lu Heting said.

Lu Heting was usually cold and had an imposing aura.

As soon as he spoke, the others automatically held their breaths and listened to him.

Hearing him speak, the two security guards complained in their hearts.

They were really doomed.

Even if they were fired, they could not complain.

It was their fault for not having good judgment and being inferior to others.

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