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Security Guard A gulped.

“Ever since we came to work on the top floor, weve been sitting here every day.

We dont have to do anything at all.

This time, we have to perform well.

We have to let the president know that were valuable too!”

Security Guard B nodded in agreement.

To be honest, nothing had ever happened on this top floor.


Lu also had his own personal bodyguards.

They had worked here for a year or two but had never encountered any trouble.

It really seemed a waste to keep them here.

They were just afraid that one day, the company would think that they were useless and fire them.

With such an opportunity today, of course, they had to perform well!

Two security guards immediately stood at the elevator doors.

They were waiting for that brat to come up and take him down!

Su Bei hummed softly in the elevator.

This was not her first time in Lu Group, but her mood was completely different from before.

This time, she was here to take a look at her husbands workplace.

She did not have the mindset of a cautious guest like before.

She pushed the brim of her hat with her hand.

It was mainly because she did not want to expose her identity, so she had to disguise herself.

The elevator stopped at the top floor with a ding, and the doors opened in front of her.

Su Bei saw two security guards standing in front of her.

She lowered the brim of her hat.

Were they here to pick her up

The two security guards were stunned.

They thought that the person would be a vicious man.

They had already prepared their weapons, but it turned out to be a weak youth

Also, why was this brats skin so fair underneath his hat

What was with this polite greeting

Forget it.

The two security guards did not have time to think carefully and immediately attacked Su Bei.

Biff, bang, thud! The sounds of smashing echoed throughout the empty top floor.

The executives of the office on the top floor were all alarmed.

Lu Heting ended the call and heard the commotion outside.

“Lu Hang, whats going on”

“Just now, the front desk reported that a tall and thin young man entered your private elevator, so the security guards went to take him down.” Lu Hang quickly said, “Isnt that person just making a fool of themselves by entering your private elevator Ill go to the technical department immediately to see if the elevator is broken.”

When Lu Heting heard this, he suddenly stood up and walked out quickly.

He was too anxious and even overturned a chair.

Seeing that he was so anxious, Lu Hang hurriedly followed.

What happened

Lu Heting had previously input Su Beis facial recognition into the system, so she could take his private elevator.

However, the others did not know her.

Were the security guards already in the midst of capturing her

He was thinking about it and looking anxious.

His footsteps did not stop as he walked toward the noisy area.

Those security guards were all boorish.

If they really captured Su Bei, who knew what would happen to her!

He did not dare to delay any longer and walked forward.

His face was already covered in a layer of coldness.

The fight here attracted the attention of the higher-ups.

However, there were not many higher-ups on the top floor.

Besides, someone had already informed the security guards downstairs to come up and reinforce them.

“Quick, quick! We cant take it anymore! Call for help!”

Seeing Lu Heting walk over, everyone was shocked.



Lu Heting did not have the luxury of time to respond to them.

He walked over and pulled Su Bei, who was wearing the uniform of a delivery man, to his side.

He reached out to hold her hand.

Others might not be able to recognize her, but Lu Heting only needed to glance to know.

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