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Her mind was filled with words, but she could not say anything.

She felt too uncomfortable.

Why was this world playing such a big joke on her

Du Luo said, “Weve already canceled the engagement.

Lets part ways peacefully.”

“Du Luo…” How could Su Huixian be willing However, what could she do now She had personally aborted her child!

Du Luo stopped in his tracks and said, “Go pack your things.”

“Du Luo, there was really something wrong with that child.

Im not lying to you.

Ive never thought of breaking off the engagement either!” Su Huixian immediately said.

Du Luo looked at her calmly.

“Is that so You might not know this, but Qiu Minxuan has already become my assistant.

She told me all your intentions when you were pregnant.

You should know best what you were thinking then.”

When he heard what Qiu Minxuan said back then, he had already given up all hope on Su Huixian.

Indeed, a small bankruptcy incident could test a womans heart.

Back then, she was so gentle, sensible, and generous.

She spoke softly and gently beside him, making Su Bei look arrogant and rude.

It made him quickly fall for her.

However, everything was just for his money.

This broke his pride as a man.

From the beginning to the end, only Su Bei had seriously liked him.

However, he did not cherish her.

Du Luo got into his luxury car and drove away.

As for Su Huixian, she was dizzy.

With a plop, she fell to the ground.

She had caused it to end this way.

“Youll be joining Di Xing Media Company.

Have you thought of coming to my office to take a look” Lu Heting received a call from Su Bei and asked gently.


Ive never been there before.” Su Bei immediately smiled and said,” Can I come”

“Of course, Mrs.

Lu.” A smile appeared on Lu Hetings lips.

“Give me a call when youre downstairs.

Ill get someone to go down and pick you up.

Im having a conference call now.”

Su Bei quickly arrived at Lu Group.

When she stood at the front desk, she remembered that when she first came here and planned to see Lu Heting, she heard that if she wanted to see him, her appointment would take place at least a month later.

Now that she had appeared again, everything was completely different.

She could enter the presidents exclusive elevator.

When she heard that Lu Heting was having a conference call, she did not want to trouble him.

Hence, when she arrived, she did not inform Lu Heting at all and just entered the elevator.

She was wearing the clothes of a delivery man.

She had tied her long hair and hid it in her hat.

She was wearing a uniform, so no one recognized her.

However, when she saw her enter the presidents exclusive elevator, the receptionist could not help but say anxiously, “Hey, wait…”

The receptionist did not pay much attention to her arrival just now.

After all, not everyone could access the presidents exclusive elevator.

She only panicked when she saw Su Bei enter the elevator.

She quickly called the security department.

When the security guards on the top floor heard this, they were shocked.

How could someone be so bold as to barge into the top floor of Lu Group

“Try and guess who this kid is.” Security Guard A asked Security Guard B.

“Hes so bold.

Hes probably going to cause trouble,” Security Officer B said as he adjusted his hat.

“Dont let your guard down!”

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