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Su Bei did not reveal where Su Huixian lived.

However, that did not mean that others would not reveal it.

Too many people knew about Su Huixians matter this time, and it was not like Qiu Minxuan was helping her keep it a secret either.

Soon, the reporters and paparazzi knew that Su Huixian had a miscarriage and was hospitalized.

She was unmarried, after all.

Although she had a fiancé and had gotten pregnant before, it would naturally attract the attention of the public.

Hence, many paparazzi went to the hospital to wait for her news, which annoyed her.

The publics comments about her were also harsh.

Pregnancy before marriage was not a glorious thing.

Su Huixians Weibo followers decreased at a visible rate as well.

She had no choice but to be discharged and go back home.

However, Su Xingfu and Xu Zhiqin had lost everything.

They did not have the mood to take care of Su Huixian and basically ignored her.

Qian Yu Entertainment, which was the company Su Huixian was in, had received investments from Du Luo.

Hence, the company directly terminated their contract with Su Huixian.

Su Huixian knew that she had embezzled Qian Yu Entertainments money to invest.

Now that she lost the money, she naturally could not hope to stay in the company.

Still, Qian Yu Entertainment did not pursue the matter, and she did not find the entire thing to be a pity either.

Anyway, she had to cut ties with Du Luo.

Just the failure of her parents investment was enough to annoy her.

She did not want Du Luos matter to bother her even more.

She had to save the money she still had.

Fortunately, there was a small company that was willing to accept her and sign her.

“Huixian, come to the company and pack your things.” The person in charge of Qian Yu Entertainment called her.

Su Huixian did not have a manager or assistant with her, so she could only pack her things herself.

She endured the discomfort in her body and drove to Qian Yu Entertainment.

In front of her, a flashy sports car drove over from afar and stopped in front of Su Huixian.

Thinking of how she had once sat in such a car and enjoyed endless glory, Su Huixian felt very sad.

However, it was better for her to be like this now than to go bankrupt with Du Luo.

She comforted herself and slowly calmed down.

She got out of the car, but unexpectedly, a figure walked out of the luxury sports car in front of her.

The figure was so familiar that Su Huixian could not help but say in surprise, “Du Luo”

It was Du Luo who got out of the car.

He took off his sunglasses and said, “Its me.”

“Arent you going bankrupt Didnt the Du family already apply for a bankruptcy settlement” Su Huixian said in surprise.

The car that Du Luo was driving was worth tens of millions.

It did not look like a car that a bankrupt person could drive.

Normal people could not afford such a car.

Du Luo said indifferently, “I almost went bankrupt, but fortunately, my mother had set aside some money that was meant to be for my wife.

Hence, the capital chain hasnt been completely severed yet.

The Du family can still be revived.”

When Su Huixian heard that, she nearly fainted.

Her face was as pale as paper as she clutched her bag tightly.

How could this be Du Luo had clearly said that he was going to go bankrupt.

The news also said that the Du family was about to collapse.

This blow was somewhat unbearable for Su Huixian.

Du Luo said coldly, “Why Are you very unhappy that Im not bankrupt”

“Thats not what I meant.

Du Luo…” Su Huixian wanted to find a reason for what she had done.

She wanted to reconcile.

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