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He did have lingering feelings for Su Bei, especially when he saw her increasingly beautiful face.

It formed a sharp contrast with Su Huixian.

Su Huixian was no longer as gentle and considerate as before.

She had become unreasonable and difficult to deal with.

He asked softly, “Were you planning to break up with me by aborting the child”

“Yes, you forced me.

You have Su Bei in your heart, so I had no choice.” Su Huixian did not tell the truth.

She did not dare to tell the truth.

She did not dare to say that she despised the poor and loved the rich.

Hence, even if they broke up, she had to occupy the moral high ground.

Du Luo gritted his teeth and said, “Alright.

In that case, lets end our engagement here.”

He was already disappointed that Su Huixian had aborted the child.

She faked her pregnancy the last time and this time, it was a real pregnancy.

Even so, she took the initiative to abort it.

He felt that he had endured enough.

“Thats all we can do,” said Su Huixian.

Finally, one thing was settled.

She closed her eyes.

When Sun Jingping saw that her son had broken up with Su Huixian and her grandson was gone, she thought of how Su Huixian was not her ideal daughter-in-law.

She happened to be at peace, so she pulled Du Luo along and left.

Su Huixian watched them leave without any reluctance.

She would have a new lease on life and could marry a rich man.

She might have a good life in the future.

She would not cling to Du Luo.

However, how did this happen How did others know about her secret

She had no idea that her every move was being monitored by Su Bei.

Her schemes would never succeed.

Hence, she could not figure out why.

She looked at Qiu Minxuan and asked, “Minxuan, was it you”

“What Its not me! I dont know anything.

I didnt do anything.” Qiu Minxuan hurriedly shook her head.

“But if it isnt you, how else did they find out” Su Huixians only suspect was her.

“I really didnt do it.

Huixian, believe me.

Although I did have the thought of leaving after this, I really didnt betray you…”

However, Su Huixian was certain that it was her.

“It cant be anyone else except you! Its impossible for there to be someone else! You even thought of leaving Haha, I really didnt expect you to betray me! Get lost!”

Qiu Minxuan had already endured enough.

Seeing that Su Huixian was accusing her for no reason, she couldnt take it anymore.

She said, “Huixian, whether you believe me or not, I didnt do anything.

Forget it.

It wont do me any good to be by your side anyway.

Ill be leaving now.

Youre on your own!”

With that, she turned and left.

Su Bei received the news and sighed softly.

From the looks of it, Su Huixian was indeed not a threat.

Those three parties were naturally informed by Su Bei.

This time, she attacked first and blocked Su Huixian in the hospital.

She was still kind enough not to inform the paparazzi.

Otherwise, how could Su Huixian have a good life

However, after this incident with Su Huixian, how would other programs dare to hire her in the future She would get pregnant at the drop of a hat and have problems with her schedule.

As for Su Huixian wanting to slander her Su Bei smiled.

With her lying on the hospital bed and her manager leaving, how would she try to slander her

After dealing with Tang Yue and Su Huixian, Su Bei felt relaxed.

Now, she could go to Di Xing Media Company without any distractions.

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