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“I dont know.

I dont know anything about a child.” Qiu Minxuan hurriedly denied it.

“Dont hide it from me.

I know everything.” Sun Jingping had received Su Huixians pregnancy test results earlier today.

“Huixian did do something wrong, but if shes really pregnant, our Du family wont be unreasonable.

As for the child, we naturally want it.”

Qiu Minxuan was even more alarmed.

At that moment, Su Huixian had been pushed into the operating theater for quite a while.

The surgery was definitely underway.

She could not contact Su Huixian now.

However, Sun Jingping was aggressive.

Previously, Qiu Minxuan had always wanted to take the money and leave Su Huixian.

Hence, she did not think of anything to say to Sun Jingping in a situation like this.

Now, she could only be evasive.

“What exactly is going on” Sun Jingping also became suspicious.

She looked up and saw that it was the operating theater in front of her.

She was even more suspicious.

Qiu Minxuan had to say, “I dont know whats going on either.

When Huixian comes out, shell explain everything to you.”

As for the people from the variety shows production team and the insurance company, they were all standing at the side.

They were not as agitated as Sun Jingping.

They just waited quietly.

They were just doing business without any personal emotions.

Sun Jingping was so angry that she snatched the bag from Qiu Minxuans hands.

She tossed it to the floor and picked up a few hospital reports.

She took a few looks and could tell that the child Su Huixian was carrying was very healthy!

However, after flipping through a few more pages, she realized that Su Huixian was currently undergoing an abortion!

She knew without thinking that Su Huixian did not want this child!

What was this woman thinking

Sun Jingping threw the things down and said angrily, “How can you do this How can you do this Huh”

Qiu Minxuan was speechless.

At this moment, the door to the operating theater opened and Su Huixian was pushed out.

The doctor told her that the surgery had gone smoothly, but the effects of the anesthesia had not completely dissipated.

Her thoughts were still unclear, but she knew in her heart that she had achieved what she wanted.

The production teams compensation, the insurance companys compensation, and a justified explanation for the Du family.

Most importantly, she could accuse Su Bei for thismiscarriage.

She felt much more relaxed.

It was a pity that she could not marry Du Luo anymore, but it was also worth celebrating that she could get rid of the Du family and not be held back by them.

In the future, she would work hard and look for someone else.

Halfway through her beautiful dream, Sun Jingping suddenly rushed over and slapped her.

Su Huixian woke up immediately.

When she saw the person in front of her, her blood surged.

Her face flushed red, and she was no longer as sleepy as before.

“Aunt…” There was fear in Su Huixians voice.

“You still have the cheek to call me that Tell me, why did you abort this child Is it because this child is not Du Luos, or is it because you dont like the Du familys current situation, so you dont want to have the Du familys child” Sun Jingping cursed angrily!

Su Huixian really did not expect Sun Jingping to come.

She stammered for a while before saying, “Theres something wrong with the child.

It cant be saved.

I didnt tell you because I was afraid that you would be worried…”

She was used to telling lies, so she could lie as soon as she wanted to.

This also scared Sun Jingping a little.

However, after just a while, Sun Jingping reacted and raised the report in her hand.

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