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Su Huixian continued nodding.

Su Bei had already cleared her name and used the audio recording to prove that there was no private relationship between her and Du Luo.

However, Su Huixians miscarriage would definitely cause the public to mock and suppress Su Bei.

The public would not pursue the truth.

They would only believe the deliberate guidance of the person who released the news.

Sometimes, a sentence or two would make them believe in everything.

They would even happily attack the target.

People had always believed in what they wanted to believe.

After Su Huixian and Qiu Minxuan sorted out the matter, they entered the operating theater.

Qiu Minxuan waited outside.

Su Huixian maximized the benefits of both her fake and real pregnancies.

Qiu Minxuan was doing this for her own benefit.

After this, when she received the money, she would no longer want to continue following Su Huixian.

She had already had enough of such days.

Throughout her time as Su Huixians manager, her ability in business had not improved much.

Instead, she was fussing over the benefits and losses of such things every day.

She really had enough.

Su Huixians strategy was to come up with schemes against others to bring benefits to herself… Qiu Minxuan did not know how long it would take for her to be successful.

However, if this matter was exposed, it would be a huge blow to her career.

At this moment, three groups of people arrived at the hospital.

The first wave was naturally the production team of the variety show.

They received an anonymous message that Su Huixian had miscarried and was undergoing surgery in the hospital.

She was probably unable to participate in the recording tomorrow, so they immediately arranged for people to visit her to express their concern.

They also wanted to discuss Su Huixians schedule moving forth.

The second group of people was from the insurance company.

As an artist, Su Huixian had naturally bought a lot of insurance.

The insurance company placed a lot of importance on her safety and health.

When they heard that she had a miscarriage, they naturally came to investigate the reason and confirm the compensation.

The third group of people was from the Du family.

Sun Jingping suddenly heard about Su Huixians pregnancy and recalled her fake pregnancy.

She did not know what Su Huixian was up to.

However, regardless of whether it was real or fake, that child still belonged to the Du family, right

Sun Jingping had long wanted a grandchild.

If Su Huixian was really pregnant, she would naturally come over to visit.

Although she did not like Su Huixian and Su Huixian had caused a mess in the Du family, this was different.

As long as it involved her grandchild, Sun Jingping would not let her guard down.

If Su Huixian really gave birth to a son for the Du family, she would consider forgiving Su Huixian.

When the three groups of people arrived at the hospital, they saw Qiu Minxuan waiting outside.

Qiu Minxuan, who was wearing a mask, was shocked.

She and Su Huixian had done this very secretly.

They were very careful every time they came to the hospital.

How did they attract these people

Moreover, todays matter was a secret that could not be revealed!

Qiu Minxuan wanted to hide, but Sun Jingping was the first to recognize her.

She stopped her.

“Qiu Minxuan, where are you going”

“You got the wrong person.” Qiu Minxuan dodged.

However, Sun Jingping grabbed her.

“Qiu Minxuan, wheres Huixian Where is she Is the child healthy How are the test results How is Huixians condition now”

Qiu Minxuan was even more shocked.

Why did Sun Jingping even know about the child

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