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The last time, Su Huixian had faked her pregnancy to mess with Su Bei.

Su Bei would not lower her guard this time and give her a chance.

Hence, Su Bei had to figure out what Su Huixian wanted to do.

Lin Moli quickly sent Su Bei another message.

[Su Bei, do you know that Su Huixian actually booked an appointment for an abortion!] Lin Moli sent her a WeChat message in surprise.

[Let me tell you, in order to find out about this, I climbed over a wall and my head is all swollen now.]

[Its been hard on you, Moli.]

[No, no, no.

Im not here to complain.

I think its strange too.

Didnt you tell me before that she really wanted to get pregnant and marry into the Du family Why would she undergo an abortion this time]

Su Bei thought for a moment and replied: [Dont you know that the Du family is going bankrupt]

Lin Moli instantly jumped up.

[This woman is really too scary! She doesnt even want the child after the Du family goes bankrupt What exactly is she thinking]

[She can complain to the variety show that she lost her child because of the taxing activities.

That way, she can give the Du family an explanation and gradually distance herself from the Du family.

In the end, she can even pretend to be pitiful and tell everyone that the child was gone because of myrekindled relationship with Du Luo.

I was the one who caused her to miscarry…] Su Bei could already imagine Su Huixians plan.

Her video incident was also something Su Huixian could use.

Fortunately, the video did not affect her much.

Su Huixian wanted to push the blame on Su Bei for both her fake and real pregnancies

A faint smile hung on Su Beis lips.

Did Su Huixian really think that things would be so easy

When Lin Moli heard Su Bei say this, she immediately understood.

This was Su Huixians scheme.

Wasnt this woman too vicious

[Then what should I do Ill get someone to expose her and announce her matter!] Lin Moli said impatiently!

[No need.

Ill arrange it.] Su Bei already had plans in her heart.

Su Huixian had indeed booked an appointment for an abortion.

Only Qiu Minxuan and she knew about this.

The Du family had already gone bankrupt.

The child in her stomach was a sinful debt.

She could not keep it anymore.

It was impossible for her to suffer with Du Luo.

At the thought that Sun Jingping had always looked down on her and was unwilling to let her join their family, she found an excuse and reason for her actions.

She was not letting the Du family down.

They were the ones who forced her to this point!

“Huixian, have you thought it through” Qiu Minxuan asked worriedly.

“Ive thought about it.

Just wait outside,” Su Huixian said.

“In the recording for the variety show tomorrow, Ill say that my stomach isnt feeling well and later reveal that I had miscarried.

Then, Ill tell the variety show producers that I had no idea I was pregnant.”

Qiu Minxuan nodded.

“That way, they wont be able to force you to continue filming.

Theyll even give you compensation.

Youll have the money to rest in peace.”

That was Su Huixians plan.

Qiu Minxuan said, “The insurance company will compensate you with another sum of money.

Dont worry, Ive already bought insurance.”

Su Huixian continued nodding.

Qiu Minxuan said, “The Du family will have nothing to say then.

Ill spread the news that you were so angry when you found out about Su Bei and Du Luos meeting that you miscarried…”

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