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Hence, Su Bei had asked Lin Moli to help her keep an eye on Su Huixian during this period of time.

Lin Moli liked to act, but she did not have a fixed job.

She was a freelance worker.

She would film when she had to.

She would also often publish articles in magazines, newspapers, and Weibo.

She would take photos of delicious food and beautiful scenery.

Although she was not that good at taking photos, she was still quite talented.

After receiving Su Beis invitation, she quickly tracked Su Huixians movements.

Moreover, now that Su Huixians investment had failed and the Su family was in a terrible state, the Du family no longer provided her with a special chauffeur.

She did not have money and could not always change cars, so it was not difficult for Lin Moli to want to follow her.

Although Su Huixian was always careful, she was quickly captured by Lin Moli.

Su Bei was just reading the news on the internet when Lin Moli sent her a message.

[Su Bei, do you know what I just took I took a photo of Su Huixian going to the OB-GYN department! And this time, she even found a very good specialist to treat her!]

[Shes pregnant] Su Bei asked.

[Thats what I thought too, so I sneaked in to take a look.

As expected, shes pregnant! I really didnt expect her to be pregnant at this critical juncture.

She has already caused the Du family to go bankrupt, but shes pregnant now.

The heavens are really kind to her.

If they know shes pregnant, the Du family probably wont blame her too much, right] Lin Moli said.

Su Bei felt that things might not be so simple.

When she was investigating the video incident, she had looked into the Du family as well.

They did not seem to know about Su Huixians pregnancy.

She said simply to Lin Moli: [Continue tracking her for me.

I want to know what shes up to.]

Only by knowing ones enemy could one win a hundred battles.

Su Bei would not make any more mistakes when dealing with Su Huixian.

She quickly asked Yue Ze for more information.

Yue Ze told her, “Su Huixian has signed on for a variety TV show.

This variety show has a lot of activities, and she participates in between the filming for the movie.

Its confirmed that shes in that variety show.

However, youre not filming that movie anymore, so no matter what, it wont affect you.”

“Yes, it wont affect me.

I just want to know more information about her.”

“Is there anything you need help with” Yue Ze asked, feeling sad.

After this matter, Su Bei would not continue to stay in Sheng Tang Entertainment.

His business relationship with Su Bei would probably come to an end.

He was really quite regretful.

Su Bei was a good talent.

In time, her development in the film industry would definitely be like her development in the modeling industry.

She would stand at the peak.

However, he would not be the manager who accompanied her to the peak.

“Theres nothing else for now, Brother Yue.

If theres anything, Ill call you again,” Su Bei said with a smile.

She also felt a little regretful.

Actually, everything was good with Tang Xinru and Yue Ze.

However, the Tang family had Tang Yue, so Su Bei could not stay.

After Su Bei put down the phone, she thought about it carefully.

Su Huixian was already pregnant, but she was also participating in a variety show.

She definitely knew that she was pregnant.

Lin Moli had even taken her pregnancy test results.

She did not tell the Du family about this but chose to take on a variety show that required a lot of energy

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