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[‘Since were already broken up, lets just go back to being strangers. Su Beis words are powerful and resonant! Where are those rumormongers Are you pretending to be dead now and pretending that you never existed]

[The words that Su Bei said after that really made me tear up.

Im that girl who tries her best to dress up well.

I clearly worked overtime until midnight every day and didnt rest throughout the year just to earn a good life for myself, but people think I relied on selling my body to get to where I am today just because I look good! Su Beis words are really reasonable.

I really want the entire world to know that we dont rely on others but ourselves!]

Some girls who did not like Su Bei before this were also full of goodwill toward her now because of her words.

How could it be that all women were never able to move on from their ex-boyfriends, especially if they had hurt them so badly Was every woman a pet man could summon and order around as they pleased With just a mans word, a woman had to do whatever was requested of her

As for the women in the workplace, they could empathize with Su Bei.

So, she would fall into dire straits after leaving a scumbag She had to rely on others to be glamorous Where did the person who said such things have the confidence to say these

In an instant, the hashtags #SuBeiVoicesOut#, #GoBackToStrangersAfterBreakingUp#, and other hashtags were all trending.

It was because these were not only relevant to Su Bei.

Many women in the world had also gone through this painful experience.

Just like this, Su Bei would completely clear her name from this terrible scandal.

As for Sheng Tang Entertainment, they were the first to come out and confirm Su Beis scandal.

Now, they were also being hounded by Su Beis fans.

There were also fans who spontaneously wrote a long article titledTen Questions for Sheng Tang Entertainment. They asked Sheng Tang Entertainment what their intentions were in making those arrangements for Su Bei.

The fans could all see Su Beis efforts, but they could also tell that Sheng Tang Entertainment was suppressing Su Bei.

They wanted to know what role Sheng Tang Entertainment was playing.

Su Bei knew that it was all Tang Yues fault and had nothing to do with Tang Xinru.

Hence, later on, she joined the fan club and greeted everyone.

[Oh, oh, oh, its Su Bei.

Its really her!]

[Really Im not dreaming, right]

[Su Bei, youve suffered.

Everyone will definitely support you!]

The fans in this group were all hardcore fans who had been around for a long time.

The fan club had been maintained by Lv Shan since back then.

Although Lv Shan was not working with Su Bei now, she had been protecting Su Beis reputation and interests as a fan.

[Sheng Tang Entertainment itself did no wrong.

Only a few people from the company are in the wrong here.

However, dont worry.

I have plans for my future] Su Bei sent this simple message.

The fans all expressed their understanding, and Su Bei chatted with them a little more.

Everyone comforted her and even told her that no matter what she did or how she developed in the future, they would continue to support her!

Looking at the passionate words, Su Bei slightly curled her lips.

She felt as though she had let go of a boulder in her heart.

Tang Yues matter was resolved, but not Su Huixian.

Su Bei knew that Tang Yue was not the only one who was responsible for the video.

Su Huixian had also done her part.

Moreover, Su Huixian had always wanted to harm others.

Su Bei had never thought of letting her off so easily.

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