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Su Bei looked at her with a smile and said calmly, “Filming a movie is very difficult.

No one is willing to let their hard work go to waste.

I read the script seriously and prepared for my scenes.

However, President Tang, you got Su Huixian to act as the female lead.

Can she handle it I dont believe in her capability.

Thats why Ive been wary of this movie from the beginning.

President Tang, this is what you taught me.”

Although everyone else felt that it was wrong for Su Bei to keep delaying the signing, they could also tell that Tang Yue was suppressing Su Bei.

Also, many people had indeed given their opinions about Su Huixian being the female lead.

It was Tang Yue who suppressed these opinions and insisted on signing Su Huixian.

Hence, everyone was indeed dissatisfied with this movie.

It was reasonable for Su Bei to do this.

Who would want to work with a woman who had bullied her and snatched her ex-boyfriend Coupled with the video incident, wouldnt Su Bei be the only one taken advantage of

“Alright, President Tang.

The matter is settled.

Goodbye.” Su Beis smile was exceptionally bright.

She put down the blank contract and turned to leave.

She did not take Tang Yue seriously at all.

She even exposed Tang Yues despicable behavior to the higher-ups.

These seeds of doubt about Tang Yues character and ability would sooner or later take root in the hearts of the higher-ups and grow into a towering tree.

Tang Yue looked angrily in the direction where Su Bei had left.

She turned to look at Tang Xinru.

Tang Xinru knew all of this, yet she allowed it to happen and even helped Su Bei do it!

Tang Xinru raised her eyes and looked at Tang Yue.

“Since the matter has been made clear, lets continue the meeting!”

Old Master Tang heard about it.

He nodded at his assistant and said, “Sheng Tang Entertainment indeed cant be managed by two people.

One mountain cant accommodate two tigers.

Sooner or later, the winner will be decided.

However, as their grandfather, I cant be too biased toward anyone and cant make a decision.

Now, its good that Su Bei is the one wholl decide whos better.”

The assistant was Old Master Tangs trusted aide and had been by his side for a long time.

He naturally understood what he meant.

He said, “There are indeed more people in the higher-ups who support President Tang Xinru now.

Their trust toward President Tang Yue is gradually diminishing.”

Old Master Tang thought of what she had done to Su Bei and snorted.

“This is the price for doing something wrong!”

The assistant remained silent.

Even if Old Master Tang did not say anything, justice would be served.

The audio recording of Su Bei and Du Luos video had already been posted by a few bloggers Yue Ze had contacted.

Captions were also added before it was posted to the public.

The content of this audio recording matched the muted video that was released previously.

It was a perfect fit, so no one could doubt it.

When Su Beis fans received the clarification from their idol, they naturally reposted it and defended Su Bei.

Some netizens heard the recording and gradually understood that Su Bei was wronged.

The video was just a way to deliberately slander Su Bei.

[I told you that Su Bei wouldnt do such a thing! Shes so good.

How could she do something that everyone despises]

[Let me ask you, anti-fans.

Does your face hurt after being slapped by this clarification Wheres your ability to slander others Wheres your dignity If youre really so shameless, I dare you to slander Su Bei again!”

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