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Tang Yue also understood why Su Bei came over.

She knew all too well how serious the impact of Su Bei sowing discord would be on her reputation and reputation in the company.

Hence, she had to be very humble.

“People inevitably make mistakes.

It was indeed my mistake this time.

I apologize, Su Bei.”

“Im sorry, but I wont accept your apology,” Su Bei said with a smile.

“You!” Tang Yue had already given her a way out, yet she still refused to give in.

This made Tang Yue very angry.

“Unless you tell me how the companys surveillance footage was released to outsiders Could it be that it was done by a provisional employee again If thats the case, our companys provisional employee is really bold.

The management of the company is alsogreat.” From the beginning to the end, Su Bei had a slight sneer on her face, but she still smiled sweetly, making it impossible for others to dislike her.

This question made everyone remember that the video about Su Bei and Du Luo was taken from the companys surveillance camera.

It was leaked from the company.

It did not look like an accident.

Instead, it looked like a trap.

Everyone did not dare to say anything, but they knew very well that Tang Yues methods of suppressing her family were really despicable.

That urgent statement seemed unprofessional, and the company did not do anything to protect the reputation of their celebrities either.

Tang Yue looked displeased but remained calm.

“Ill get someone to investigate.

Ill definitely seek justice for you.”

“Thank you, President Tang.

President Tang, I trust that youll definitely be able to manage your subordinates well and give me an explanation.

Thank you.

Ill wait for the explanation, then.” Su Bei thanked her sincerely.

Tang Yue was so infuriated, but she could only remain silent.

Su Bei continued to smile and say, “Actually, this matter has left a serious impact on my reputation.

I really cant accept a mere apology.”

“What do you want me to do to make you accept it”

“I wont be acting in this current production anymore! President Tang, this is my farewell.”

Tang Yue was instantly a little annoyed.

“Su Bei, even if youre a member of the Tang family, you cant ignore the contract! If you stop acting, youll have to pay the penalty for the breach of contract! You cant implicate another matter just because of one thing.

Everyone is here, and I wont allow such a thing to happen!”

Moreover, there was another reason that she did not say it out loud.

Su Beis popularity was high.

Even though her exposure was low now, with a little hype, she would regain her popularity.

How could Su Huixian shoulder the responsibility alone

Moreover, even if Tang Yue did not admit it, she had to admit that Su Bei was indeed more beautiful than Su Huixian.

If the most good-looking and popular actress in a movie was not acting in it anymore, what would happen to her investment

Su Bei looked relaxed and happy as she smiled and said, “I dont think I need to compensate for the breach of contract, right President Tang, you can take a look at my contract.

I havent signed it up until now.”

Tang Yue immediately looked at her assistant.

Her assistant had already found Su Beis contract and found that it was indeed not signed.

Previously, no one cared much about it.

Moreover, Su Bei had already joined the team, so Tang Yue did not ask too much.

It was not easy for others to ask about it.

After all, Su Bei was from the Tang family and someone Old Master Tang doted on very much.

Of course, it was also thanks to Tang Xinru.

She had been helping Su Bei delay the contract matters and did not let her sign it.

“What do you mean by this” Tang Yue then realized that Su Bei had never signed a contract for this movie at all.

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