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Everyone listened carefully and was a little speechless at Du Luo.

Su Bei then said a long sentence.


Du, please dont be too narrow-minded.

Although there are people in this circle who arent innocent, there are also a lot of people who rely on their own hard work to succeed.

Not every bright and beautiful woman youve seen follows the unspoken rules of the industry.

“A downtrodden good woman is equivalent to a good woman who didnt accept the unspoken rules in the entertainment industry Who taught you that This is an insult to all the women who are talented and willing to work hard!

“Please avoid me the next time you see me, Mr.


I really dont deserve your praise!”

The women in the crowd could not help but clap and cheer for Su Bei!

As women, they knew how difficult it was for women to be in the workforce.

If they did not make any achievements, people would say that women should go home to take care of their husbands and children.

If they had achievements, people would point at their noses and scold them, saying they only got to their position through dirty tactics.

Su Beis words to Du Luo really hit the nail on the head.

Tang Yue did not expect Su Bei to have such evidence.

Her expression changed.

Su Bei raised her eyes and asked, “President Tang, Ive already proven my innocence.

I did meet up with Du Luo previously, but I never did anything like what you said in your statement.

Shouldnt you apologize to someone who has done something wrong”

Tang Yue could only answer, “That employee is new and isnt very familiar with how we do things.

Ill get him to apologize to you and wont let him pass the probation period.

Its impossible for him to stay in Sheng Tang Entertainment.”

“The incident was caused by a provisional employee, right I really admire Sheng Tang Entertainment.

They actually handed the account of such a big entertainment company to a provisional employee.

I wonder who will be so unlucky next time and have their reputation ruined by a provisional employee” Su Beis words were filled with mockery, but her face was full of smiles.

She was not in a rush at all.

Instead, she was very relaxed.

Tang Yue could only admit that she had made a mistake.

“I didnt supervise things well, and I also failed in my duties.

Ill reorganize everything in the company later.”

However, the employees present already had some opinions about her.

Anyone with a discerning eye would realize that a provisional employee could not have gained access to the companys social media account.

Tang Yue must have done this!

If Tang Yue even treated her biological sister and the most famous artist in Sheng Tang Entertainment like this, would the others be able to enjoy better treatment

Everyone had to consider their own futures.

With this comparison, everyones thoughts involuntarily turned to Tang Xinru.

Tang Xinru did not boast, but she was always able to do things well and rarely caused trouble.

Everyone in the workplace had to support their family.

Who would be willing to risk their position!

This was also the reason why Su Bei came to the high-level meeting.

If these people did not know what Tang Yue had done, Tang Yue would never have been taught a lesson!

Only by gradually handing Sheng Tang Entertainment over to Tang Xinru would it be prosperous.

Su Bei looked at Tang Yue with a smile and said, “Its good that youre willing to admit your mistake, President Tang.

I hope that the company can continue to prosper in the future.”

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