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The current situation wasnt beneficial to the companys development, but it wasnt easy to change things.

He could only allow his two granddaughters to oppose each other.

When Su Bei came over, Tang Yues assistant stopped her and said, “Theres a high-level meeting inside.

Its not appropriate for you to go in now.”

“Theres nothing inappropriate about it.

President Tang asked me to pick Su Bei up.” Tang Xinrus assistant walked over and led Su Bei in.

Su Bei quickly reached the meeting room.

The higher-ups knew that Su Bei was also a member of the Tang family, so they had no objections about her arrival.

Su Bei sat on the side and calmly listened to everyones speech.

She lowered her eyes and said nothing.

When the meeting was about to end, Tang Xinru said, “Tang Yue, Su Bei has something to tell you.”

Tang Yue casually glanced at Su Bei and said, “Yeah, go ahead.”

Su Bei then looked up at Tang Yue and said, “Tang Yue, I hope that you can apologize to me regarding that false statement.

At the same time, fire that employee who made the mistake.”

The statement was released by Tang Yues close aide, so she naturally could not fire him.

Moreover, the close aide had to take the blame for her this time.

She smiled and said, “Su Bei, I also want to believe that youre innocent.

But the footage is real, and we dont have any evidence to prove your innocence.

Theres nothing we can do about it, which is why the employees in the company issued that statement.

We cant let the company bear infamy just because of you, right”

In other words, she did not do anything wrong because Su Bei could not prove her innocence.

“Did you ask me beforehand whether I could prove my innocence” Su Bei asked.

Tang Yue smiled.

“Im not responsible for such matters.”

“Does that mean that if I can prove my innocence, the employee who made the statement will be fired” Su Bei asked with a smile.

“Of course! Making a statement without knowing the truth is definitely a mistake that one needs to be held accountable for.” Tang Yue was fearless because she believed that Su Bei would not be able to prove her innocence.

Before she finished his sentence, Su Bei had already taken out her phone and clicked on an audio recording.

In that audio, Du Luo and Su Beis voices were clearly heard.

It turned out that on that day, Su Bei had recorded their conversation the moment Du Luo entered.

Being in the entertainment industry and facing someone with a sensitive identity like Du Luo, Su Bei naturally knew what would happen if someone with ulterior motives saw them together.

She had been on guard from the beginning.

Their voices were heard clearly.

Everyone could tell that everything was Du Luos wishful thinking.

When he saw Su Bei in dire straits, he wanted to extend his kindness to her.

He hoped that she could reconcile with him.

“Su Bei, I think I like you more…”

Su Bei was speechless.

“I dont like you.


Du, dont you know that everything changed the moment you made your decision No one will endlessly wait for you, okay And I dont remember your phone number either.

Since were already broken up, lets just go back to being strangers, okay

Du Luo and Su Beis words matched the shape of their mouths in the footage.

There was no audio in the footage, but now that they were listening to the audio, everything matched up.

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