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Lu Heting soon saw the footage of Su Bei and Du Luo.

He had set up a special reminder on Weibo.

As long as there was any news about Bei, he would be notified of it immediately.

He simply glanced at the footage and knew that Su Bei had no interest in this man.

Su Bei was not someone who was good at hiding her emotions.

Her love and passion were written in her eyes.

When she looked at Du Luo, her eyes were cold.

Therefore, Lu Heting was extremely unhappy with the comments online.

Lu Hang saw the news and rushed in, waiting for his boss order to erase all the comments on Weibo.

However, Lu Heting did not do so.

Instead, he said, “Get Li Qisheng to make a contract for Su Bei.

Sign Su Bei to Di Xing Media Company.”

“Yes, Mr.

Lu,” Lu Hang replied immediately.

He couldnt help but admire Lu Heting for his thoughtfulness.

Deleting all the discussions would not solve the root of the problem, but letting Su Bei sign with Di Xing Media Company would most likely shut all of them up!

Furthermore, doing it this way could allow Di Xing Media Company to endorse Su Beis character.

She definitely did not do such a thing! Otherwise, how could she enter the media company under Lu Group

Lu Heting had taken drastic measures to solve this problem.

He had previously mentioned to Su Bei that he wanted her to leave Sheng Tang Entertainment and come to Di Xing Media Company, but she rejected him.

However, she still did not know his identity back then.

Lu Heting thought for a while and called Su Beis number.

Su Bei had just seen the news online and talked to Yue Ze.

When she saw Lu Hetings call, she immediately picked it up.

“Hello, hubby!”

Lu Hetings mood was much better after hearing Su Beis greeting.

His affection was transmitted through the phone line to Su Beis ear.

“Do you want to come to Di Xing Media Company”

“I was just about to call you and beg you to take me in.

I cant stay in Sheng Tang anymore.

Tang Yue is too scary.

The impact of the footage is far smaller than the impact of her statement.

Shes too scheming.” Su Bei had long considered leaving Sheng Tang.

It was just that before, she did not want to let Tang Xinru and Yue Ze down.

Now that Tang Yue was in this state, Tang Xinru probably wanted her to leave as well.

“Beg me Do you really need to beg me for this kind of thing” Lu Hetings voice became a little hoarse as he recalled her usual gentleness and charm.

“Then Ill shamelessly come”

“The contract is ready.

You can come over anytime.”

Su Bei nodded.

“Its great to have my husbands support.

However, I still have some things to do and cant come over immediately.

Ill go to Di Xing Media Company after Im done with the matters here.”

“Sure, whenever you like.” Lu Heting was not in a hurry.

Sheng Tang Entertainment was currently holding a meeting.

Tang Xinru and Tang Yue presided over the meeting.

The two of them had similar roles, and the things they managed were also similar.

It was not a good thing for a company to have two managers with similar rights.

This would lead to many things that could not be finalized.

However, Old Master Tang did not want to be biased toward either of his two sons back then, so he treated his two granddaughters equally and allowed Tang Xinru and Tang Yue to be equal in the company.

The two of them were equally matched, which resulted in the current situation.

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