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[What else do the braindead fans have to say You guys are busy protecting your idol, but she has already been prosecuted by her own company! Stop struggling!]

[I will always believe in Su Bei.

I believe that she would never do such a thing!]

[Sheng Tang Entertainment, if you cant give us a convincing reason, well forever resist unscrupulous companies like you!]

Tang Yue was the one who arranged for Sheng Tang Entertainments statement.

After she handed the footage to Su Huixian, she knew that Su Huixian would definitely use it to attack Su Bei.

Therefore, this statement was prepared long ago.

Once the footage was out, the statement followed immediately and gave Su Bei the biggest blow, leaving her without any strength to retaliate.

In the entertainment industry, one had to be quick, accurate, and ruthless.

This time, Tang Yue made sure to use the most effective method.

By the time Tang Xinru and Yue Ze saw it, the footage and the statement were already trending.

Furious, Tang Xinru approached Tang Yue.

“Whats with the statement The footage was just released and we dont even know whats going on.

Why were you so quick to release a statement”

Tang Yues face was filled with innocence.

“Huh Really Im not too sure whats going on either.

Cousin, dont be angry.

Ill get someone to withdraw the statement right now.

Also, no matter who it was who released this statement, Ill punish them severely.

That person doesnt care about the interests of the companys artists at all.

Such a person doesnt deserve to stay in the company!”

Tang Xinru was furious.

“Whats the point of withdrawing it now Its already been released.

If we do so, itll only attract more discussion!”

Moreover, even though she knew that Tang Yue was behind this, she did not want to push the blame to her now.

It was not a good idea to entangle herself with Tang Yue now.

Tang Xinru really did not expect Tang Yue to be so reckless!

She had to discuss this matter with Old Master Tang and Su Bei.

Otherwise, who knew what trouble it would cause!

“What should I do now” Tang Yuehumbly asked.

Tang Xinru knew that Tang Yue was just pretending to be good-natured

Tang Xinru came out of Tang Yues office and told Yue Ze to contact Su Bei immediately.

“We have to think of a way to suppress this matter as soon as possible.

Lets use the matter of Su Huixians failed investment to suppress it! Ill think of another way,” Tang Xinru said.

This matter probably had something to do with Su Huixian.

It was reasonable to use Su Huixians matter to suppress the negative news surrounding Su Bei.

Therefore, news of Su Huixians investments was soon trending while Su Beis matter died down.

When Su Huixian first invested, she was on the hot trending list a few times.

During that investment banquet, she was also the first to be in the limelight.

She wasnt the one who invested the most money but she was the hottest topic on the search rankings back then and even built herself the image of an investment queen.

She was also very enthusiastic about stepping on Su Bei.

Now that the investment failed, she quickly became everyones laughing stock.

The reality of this world was that if you succeeded, not many people would be happy for you.

But if you failed, you would attract countless people to spread the news and watch you make a fool of yourself.

The more sensational her marketing was previously, the greater the backlash she suffered this time.

On the contrary, those with discerning eyes could tell that Su Bei was the smart one.

She did not follow the wind nor join in the fun.

She quietly did her own things, but she was stepped on.

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