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Su Bei could forget about staying safe from this matter.

Just as she was thinking, Qiu Minxuan called her and said, “Huixian, Ive accepted a variety show for you.

Although its a little tough, youll get paid.

If you have no objections, Ill sign the contract”

Her tone was unfriendly.

After losing so much money with Su Huixian, how could she be as gentle as usual

She wanted to take on this variety show to make up for some losses.

Su Huixian knew that if she did not agree, Qiu Minxuan would probably leave her too.

If it were any other time, she wouldnt mind.

At most, she would just have to find someone else.

But now, she didnt have the time or money to find a suitable person.

“Take it,” Su Huixian replied.

She then quickly came up with an idea.

If she miscarried during the variety show, would the broadcasting station give her a huge compensation It would be considered as though someone was paying for her child.

With this in mind, Su Huixian quickly made up her mind on what to do next.

The video of Su Bei and Du Luo meeting privately was soon exposed on the internet.

Immediately, there was a huge commotion.

Su Bei met up with her ex-boyfriend And this ex-boyfriend was now her future brother-in-law

There was no audio in the footage, but the scene of the two of them sitting together and chatting was the truth.

In addition, there was a problem with the angle of the surveillance video, so they looked very intimate.

Su Bei had quite a number of fans and anti-fans.

When her anti-fans saw this video, they immediately had an excuse and commented: [No wonder Su Bei hasnt appeared in public recently.

So, she went to meet her ex-boyfriend! But dont forget, her ex-boyfriend is already engaged.

Su Beis actions are no different from a mistress.]

[A good person doesnt look back on past mistakes.

Looks like Su Bei isnt a good person either.


[Huh, I really didnt expect Su Bei to live like the person she hates the most.]

[The person above looks down on Su Bei but do you have any evidence Whats so great about surveillance footage Who knows if its real]

[Youre saying that the video means nothing What other reason could Su Bei have for meeting her ex-boyfriend The fans must be blind.]

[Su Bei would never do such a thing.

I swear on my life!]

[Our Su Bei is definitely the best.

She wouldnt do such a thing!]

The fans quickly quarreled, and it was impossible for Su Bei not to be affected by such matters.

Before Su Bei and Yue Ze could respond, Sheng Tang issued a public statement.

[We object to all our artists violating morals and ethics.

Sheng Tang will never protect those who have done wrong.

Sheng Tang will apologize on behalf of Su Bei to all those affected by this matter.

Later, we will announce the punishment measures for the artist involved.]

Initially, it was just a small matter that needed clearing up.

However, Sheng Tang Entertainments statement confirmed the speculation about Su Bei!

The anti-fans and passersby who heard the news all sneered.

[Even the company doesnt trust Su Bei.

Its obvious that this is true.]

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