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But other than their daughter, who else could they rely on

Su Huixian went upstairs and opened the item that Tang Yue gave her.

It turned out to be a thin disc.

She switched on the computer and realized that it was a surveillance video.

It was the time when Du Luo went to Sheng Tang Entertainment and met Su Bei.

There was no audio from the surveillance video, but she could see Du Luo and Su Bei talking for quite a while.

Moreover, his eyes were filled with emotion as he sat next to Su Bei.

He was very close to her!

Although she could not hear what they were saying, this scene stabbed at Su Huixians heart.

It turned out that they were hiding something from her.

They were really having an affair behind her back.

There was actually such a thing going on between them!

Du Luo had betrayed her first.

As though she had found an excuse and reason for her actions today, Su Huixian felt more relaxed.

It was not that she looked down on the Du family for having no money now but that Du Luo did not value their relationship!

With that thought, Su Huixian gave Du Luo a call.

“Du Luo, are you alright now Im really sorry about what happened this time.

I didnt expect things to turn out this way either…” Su Huixian apologized.

“I understand.

No one would have expected something like this to happen.” Du Luo knew that Su Huixian could not be blamed for this.

Su Huixian asked, “My parents have invested quite a bit of money.

I never expected them to do the same.

The Su family is facing a very difficult time now too.”

When Du Luo heard her say that, he thought about what his mother had just said.

Did Su Huixian really like him from the bottom of her heart What did she mean by saying that it was difficult for the Su family too Did she not want to help the Du family, or did she want the Du family to help them

Just as he was feeling vexed, he heard Su Huixian ask, “Du Luo, hows the Du family now”

Du Luo thought about his mothers words and said, “We might have to apply for bankruptcy tonight and make a formal statement tomorrow.

Im afraid itll be a little difficult during this period of time.

The villa were currently staying in has already been mortgaged.”

“Huh” Su Huixian never expected the situation to be so terrible.

She was speechless for a long time.

She could not bring herself to say that she would help him because she did not have much money at the moment and had to keep it for herself.

“But you dont have to worry.

My parents and I are thinking of a way.

At most, we wont live in such a big house.

Well rent a small two-bedroom apartment for the time being and settle down first.

We wont travel by car either.

Fortunately, public transportation is quite advanced now,” said Du Luo.

“Yes, yes.” Su Huixian could only reply perfunctorily.

After hanging up, she felt afraid.

A two-bedroom unit Wasnt that smaller than the kitchen at home Take the bus Take the subway How was she supposed to fit in with her designer heels and bags

She subconsciously covered her stomach.

She could not tell the Du family that she was pregnant.

Otherwise, she would be entangled with them.

She had to get rid of the child.

However, how could she maximize the benefits She had already done something like framing Su Bei while pretending to be pregnant.

She could not repeat the same trick.

Right, there was a surveillance video of Du Luo and Su Bei meeting each other.

She could sell it to the paparazzi and earn a sum of money.

Now, every cent was very important to her.

Of course, it could also satisfy Tang Yue.

Tang Yue probably had this intention when she gave the disc to her.

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