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Su Huixian said in a fluster, “I just remembered that I have something urgent to attend to.

Lets go!”

She did not want to go anywhere, but she could not accept the current situation.

She had to think about whether she could accept such a life.

As for Du Luo, did she really love Du Luo

Now that she thought about it carefully, that didnt seem to be the case.

Back then, she took a fancy to Du Luo and snatched Du Luo from Su Bei.

Although it was mainly because she wanted to compete with Su Bei and show that she was better and more lovable than Su Bei, it was also because Du Luo represented a life that she yearned for.

The Du familys wealth and family background made her see a halo around Du Luos head.

It made marrying Du Luo her lifelong goal.

But now, everything good about Du Luo was gone.

How could she marry him Did she still have feelings for Du Luo

She did, but it was definitely not enough for her to give birth to their child and live a tough life with him.

Sun Jingping was furious as well.

She hated Su Huixian to the core.

However, she had no choice.

Now was not the time to have Su Huixian take responsibility.

The company was more important.

Du Luo was busy dealing with company matters and was exhausted.

When he got home, he was drained of all energy.

“Wheres Huixian Why isnt she here to help you”

Only then did Du Luo recall that he had not seen Su Huixian for the past two days.

There were very few phone calls and text messages from her too.

He still remembered the driver telling him that Su Huixian had come to the company once, but when they reached the door, she told him to drive away.

He wondered how she was doing now.

Sun Jingping complained, saying, “Your situation is so bad now, yet shes treating it as if nothing is going on.

This is too much! We invested the money because of her! Now that something has happened, shes hiding far away.

This wont do”

“She might be busy too,” Du Luo explained on Su Huixians behalf.

“I dont think shes busy.

She just wants to avoid us after seeing that our money is gone! Du Luo, its not that I want to say this, but back then, her mother was a mistress.

Its not like shes not greedy for money.

Youd better think about her true nature and see if shes really worthy of you.”

Du Luo thought for a while and lowered his head without saying anything.

Sun Jingping continued, “Actually, our familys condition might not be that bad.

I can gather some money and quickly take out another sum of money to tide through the current difficulties.

As for Su Huixian, you should consider carefully if shes really worthy of you betting your whole life on.”

Du Luo had actually thought about this before.

He was biased toward Su Bei, so he had some thoughts about Su Huixian.

If Su Huixian really disliked him, did that mean that their engagement was invalid

When Su Huixian returned home, Su Xingfu and Xu Zhiqin hugged her and cried.

They said that they had lost all their savings and wanted her to quickly think of a way to get the Du family to fork out a sum of money for them so that they could tide over the crisis.

“The Du family! The Du family has nothing now!” Su Huixian said angrily.

Su Xingfu and Xu Zhiqin were stunned.

“How is that possible”

“Did you think that they didnt invest much” Su Huixian retorted.

With that, she went back upstairs and locked herself in her room.

Seeing that their daughter, who had always been generous, was treating them like this, Su Xingfu and Xu Zhiqin were both anxious and disappointed.

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