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Chapter 97: Chapter 97 Things That Su Bei Cant Take Away

Xu Meiqi hated Su Bei more.

Even when she still went to the Su familys villa, she didnt like Su Beis arrogant look.

And she also hated the fact that Su Bei was the legitimate daughter of the head of Su family.

She smiled and said, “Huixian, look! Its Su Bei over there.

She has been kicked out of the Su family, right No wonder she cant even afford to buy a car here.”

“With her current income Of course, she cant afford it.

But who knows if theres an old man paying for her” Luo Lili said with a smile.

Su Huixian was in a good mood today, so she just said, “Dont talk nonsense.

Lets go around and have a look.”

Xu Meiqi smiled and complimented Su Huixian, “Huixian, even if Su Bei has taken away your chance in the Orisa Fashion Show, its nothing.

Uncle loves you, and Mr.

Luo spoils you.

Uncle even let you go out to relax and choose any luxury car you want here.

These are the things that Su Bei cant take away from you.”

Hearing these words made Su Huixian happier.

Indeed, Su Xingfu was worried that she was in a bad mood, so he asked her to go out and buy whatever she wanted.

Su Bei would never get their fathers love.

When Su Bei overheard their conversation, the expression on her face slightly changed for a moment, then it returned to normal.

She looked at the cars in front of her casually with a relaxed expression on her face, admiring the masterpieces produced by industrial technology.

The store manager was very angry at Su Bei.

But when he raised his eyes and saw Su Huixian, a smile appeared on his plump round face.

He immediately walked up to her and said, “Miss Su, what brings you here today Come in, please.

We are so honored that you visit our store today.

What kind of car would you like to see”

Su Xingfu and Du Luo were regular customers of this car dealership.

Everyone here knew who Su Huixian was, so they gave her the VIP treatment.

The store manager was flattering Su Huixian all year round.

Her family background alone was already extraordinary.

And if she really married into the Du family in the future, he would have to work harder to compliment her.

“Ill just look around first,” Su Huixian replied with a reserved smile.

“Im tired of roadsters, so I want to see if theres any big car with better safety performance.”

“Yes, of course! Miss Su, youre a tall, long-legged woman with an outstanding figure.

You will definitely feel uncomfortable when you drive the roadster for a long time.

Look at this SUV.

It suits your international supermodel temperament,” the store manager said to Su Huixian in a very flattering tone.

Su Huixians face lit up.

Xu Meiqi also smiled and said, “The store manager surely knows how to compliment his customers.

Cousin, I think we might as well check this SUV.

It may really suit you since you have long legs.”

With a smile, the store manager said, “Im telling the truth.

Every time Miss Su appears on the stage, shes really like an International supermodel.

And with such long legs, she deserves to drive a big luxury car that matches her looks and temperament.

An ordinary womans face will remain unseen even if she gets into this kind of car.

Only Miss Sus figure fits into this kind of car.”

“Okay, then.

Tell me all the details while Im taking a look,” Su Huixian said as her gaze swept over the neatly arranged luxury cars.

“This SUV here is the latest model of Mercedes-Benz.

It has the most advanced brake system.

The moment it senses danger, it will automatically brake for you to avoid hitting pedestrians.

Its safety performance is really high, but it is very fast.

Its speed can be changed to one hundred kilometers per hour in a second.

You will surely have a very good driving experience.

Miss Su, come, check it.”

The store manager led Su Huixian to a tall and eye-catching car.


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