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The Su family was not as rich as the Du family, but they were still rich.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the call went through, Xu Zhiqins cries could be heard.

“Huixian, your father and I have to depend on you this time.

Our years of savings have all gone down the drain this time…”

“I invested in Olez, but the boss ran away!”

Su Huixian was shocked.

“Why did you…”

“Wasnt everyone investing in Olez too We saw on the news that you invested as well.

Weve been watching the news for the past two days.

We just didnt want to disturb you.

We only managed to find a channel to invest the money after begging your grandparents.

Who knew…”

Su Huixian could no longer listen to Xu Zhiqins nagging.

She never expected that her actions would implicate two families.

If the investment was successful, both the Su and Du families would rise by a level.

But she had never thought about what would happen if the investment failed.

Now that it had really failed, how would she bear the consequences

When she first did it, she never thought about the risks.

When the car arrived at the Du familys company, Su Huixian was dumbstruck and did not alight.

“Miss Su Miss Su” The driver reminded her.

Su Huixian came back to her senses and saw that there were more people asking for money at the entrance of the Du familys company.

Du Luo was in the crowd.

It was now known that there was a problem with the Du familys capital chain.

The suppliers had also seen the news and realized that Olez had run away.

They had long seen the news that Su Huixian was the person who had invested the most this time (Actually, she wasnt the person who had invested the most but the news of her was the most hyped up.

Hence, it gave people the impression that she had invested the most money this time).

They were afraid that the Du family would run away with their money, so they rushed over to ask for money in advance.

Due to this, the Du familys funds were even tighter.

Du Luos originally thin and handsome face was now full of stubble, looking haggard and scary.

His eyes were red, and he was struggling to cope.

The driver sighed and said, “Sigh, since yesterday, people have been asking to be paid in advance.

The company is in trouble now.

I heard that Madam was so angry that she has been hospitalized.

Sir and Young Master are also selling their properties to tide through this crisis.

But this time, Im afraid everything is done for.

Im afraid Ill have to find another job.”

This driver was from the Du family and knew the Du familys situation very well.

He often drove the members and would hear some insider news.

What he said was the truth.

The Du familys situation was terrible.

Su Huixian was stunned.

Initially, she wanted to tell Du Luo and Sun Jingping that she was pregnant so that they would lessen their hostility toward her and she would not be embroiled in this mess.

However, at that moment, she was scared and didnt dare to do it anymore…

The Su and Du families were both broke.

How was she going to raise the child in her stomach How would she dare have a child

The life that she had envisioned for herself as the young madam of the Du family was to have countless nannies by her side.

She would have someone to do everything for her.

All she had to do was work a little and then go shopping for bags and new clothes at the mall.

She would take care of her skin, do facial masks, and have afternoon tea with the wealthy heiresses to pass the time.

If she had no money, she would have to take care of the child herself.

She would have to raise the child and serve her husband and parents…

She couldnt imagine such a life.

She would go crazy.

“Drive! Were not staying here anymore!” Su Huixian practically shouted at the driver.

“Where are we going” The driver was also surprised.

They had just arrived but were about to leave.

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