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Now, she only cared about settling the problem at hand.

How could she care about other peoples problems

Seeing that she was interested in the topics, Su Huixian quickly said, “Thats right.

Because of this investment, Du Luos mother had taken out a lot of money.

He secretly took out a lot of his own money as well.

I even used some of the money from Qian Yu Entertainments account.

I originally thought that after the investment succeeded, all of this wouldnt be a problem.

But the problem now is that we invested too much.

The Du family is struggling.”

When she went to look for Sun Jingping and Du Luo in the morning, she mentioned this problem.

When they calculated, they realized that the amount of money that they had invested was not as much as everyone knew.

It was double or even triple the amount.

Currently, the Du family was facing a problem with their cash flow.

They were on the verge of being unable to fork out any money.

If this continued, their capital chain would break and they would really go bankrupt.

Tang Yue really did not expect the Du family to be so brainless.

They did not even consider their own ability to bear the consequences before investing money recklessly.

Looking at Su Huixian, who was standing in front of her, she said, “Ive also lost a lot of money.

I dont have money to lend you.

If you want money, youll have to see if you can borrow some from Su Bei.”

When Su Huixian thought of Su Bei, she realized that Su Bei had not participated in the investment this time.

She was truly too much.

She knew that it was a trap, but she did not stop her from jumping into it! Su Bei was probably gloating now!

But how could she control Su Bei now

“Huixian, dont blame me for not helping you.

Ive lost so much money this time, and Su Bei is much more outstanding than me.

Its also hard for me to maintain my position in the Tang family now.

I only came out after being scolded,” Tang Yue said with difficulty.

“Otherwise, with our friendship, how could I not help you”

Su Huixian was extremely disappointed, but she had already mentally prepared herself before coming.

Everyone was suffering a huge loss, not just her and the Du family.

Everywhere she went, people would sigh and complain.

Tang Yue was not the only one without the ability to help her.

It was the same with other people too.

Su Huixians eyes were empty.

She had almost lost everything.

Just now, she was even given a tight slap by Sun Jingping.

When Du Luo saw it, he was indifferent as well.

This was because he was also immersed in the huge blow of the investment failure.

Now that even Tang Yue could not help her, she really had no way out.

Su Huixian stumbled into the car while Qiu Minxuan hurriedly asked, “What did President Tang say”

“She has also lost everything.

She has no money.” Su Huixians voice sounded like death.

Qiu Minxuan did not say anything else either.

It seemed like the situation was very bad.

She had invested many years of her savings into Olez.

What should she do now

With Su Huixians defeat, all her years of hard work had gone down the drain.

The two of them remained silent as they sat in the car.

The atmosphere was stifling.

After a while, Tang Yues assistant rushed over and handed Su Huixian something.

“President Tang said that this is for you.

Take it.”

It was a thin envelope.

He did not know what it contained.

Su Huixian was too powerless to open it.

She didnt know what to do.

“To the Du familys company.” Su Huixian finally found her voice and got the driver to drive.

While driving, she called Su Xingfu and Xu Zhiqin, intending to borrow some money to deal with the emergency.

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