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The entire crew was in no mood to work.

In the past few days, everyone—the producer, director, main cast, and even some of the crew members—had been focused on Olez.

It was fine if they did not invest much, but those who invested with their lives were the ones whose eyes turned red.

Tang Yue was one of them.

She had invested a lot of money, and this crushing defeat made her very depressed.

Fortunately, Tang Corporation was still considered a large family and business.

Her failure was still bearable.

Old Master Tang did not say much and only casually asked, “Did Su Bei participate”

Previously, Tang Yue had been trying her best to stop Su Bei from investing.

She was afraid that Su Bei would earn a sum of money.

Naturally, she had been asking around about Su Bei, so she knew that she wasnt involved.

However, in front of Old Master Tang, she couldnt speak.

Firstly, she didnt want to appear as if she was constantly paying attention to Su Beis movements.

Secondly, she didnt want her bad investment to make her seem inferior to Su Bei.

Therefore, she could only say, “Grandpa, I havent been paying attention to Su Beis matter.

Ive been too busy recently.

Ive been handling my own work.”

Old Master Tang looked at her.

Tang Xinru, on the other hand, said, “Grandfather, Ive asked Su Bei about it.

I was afraid that she would accidentally invest and increase her burden.

Fortunately, she didnt invest.”

Tang Yue shot Tang Xinru a vicious glare.

However, she had often thrown Tang Xinru under the bus in front of Old Master Tang.

It was normal for Tang Xinru to make her unhappy now.

As expected, Old Master Tang was even more satisfied with Su Bei and said, “Su Bei is a clear-headed person.”

With just one sentence, Tang Yue was at a disadvantage.

Although Old Master Tang helped her deal with her loss, she was afraid that he no longer looked forward to her abilities.

After Tang Yue walked out, she was extremely angry and thought to herself,This matter has blown up so much.

Su Bei has money in her hands, but she didnt invest a single cent in Olez.

It seems like she already knew that there was a problem with this company.

She clearly knew that there was a problem but she didnt warn me at all and allowed me to lose money.

She probably thinks of me as a joke now.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became.

Su Bei was really too sinister and cunning! Tang Yue pursed her red lips and could not suppress the anger in her heart.

Just then, Su Huixian came over.

Her eyes were slightly swollen and red.

Her heavy eye makeup could not hide her eyes that were clearly fresh from crying.

“President Tang.” Su Huixian came forward.

Tang Yue felt frustrated at the sight of her.

How many times had Su Huixian called to ask her about the matter

Investing was a voluntary thing.

Did she have to pay for Su Huixians losses just because she connected her to the Ouyang couple

“What are you doing here Im very busy right now.”

Su Huixian really had no other choice.

She said, “President Tang, I know youre very busy and I shouldnt be disturbing you, but my situation is really terrible.

The Du family is about to go bankrupt…”

“The Du family is going bankrupt” Tang Yue was shocked.

However, she soon realized that Du Jinghao and Du Luos families werent very close to each other.

They had separated from each other a few years ago.

Moreover, Du Jinghaos family hadnt developed locally for many years.

They didnt take the same route as Du Luos family.

Now that Du Luos family was going bankrupt, it had nothing to do with Du Jinghao.

At the thought of this, Tang Yue felt much calmer.

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