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“Yeah, lets eat together after youre done with your work,” Su Bei said.

“Okay,” Hua Cuo replied before hanging up.

After Olezs problem was exposed, a chain reaction started.

Even so, the investors were still hopeful that the problem would be resolved quickly.

However, the chain effect of this incident was huge.

The first thing that came to mind was the stock market.

The next day, the stock price of Olez plummeted.

The stock price of Olez plummeted, which exposed problems everywhere.

Countless debt collectors appeared at the entrance of Olezs huge company!

Olez had not paid workers their wages since two years ago.

It had been two years.

The workers couldnt take it anymore and came to collect their debts.

If they could not even pay the most basic fees, one could imagine what the costs of other projects would be like.

In an instant, Olez, which was originally in the limelight, fell into a huge economic crisis.

The debt collectors came one after another, and questions were popping up everywhere.

In an instant, everyone was in a panic.

More than half of the celebrities and big shots in the entertainment industry were affected.

Everyone was observing Olezs situation, hoping that Olez would be lucky.

It was such a big company, and so many people had invested together.

A starving camel was still bigger than a horse.

How could Olez not recover from this setback

The people led by Su Huixian were as anxious as ants on a hot pan, but there was nothing they could do.

Sun Jingping kept calling Su Huixian to ask about the situation, asking her to question Ouyang Ting.

However, Su Huixian and Ouyang Ting did not have any personal relations.

They only got to know each other through Tang Yue.

Su Huixian had already called Tang Yue a few times when the problem had just arisen.

How could she be so anxious and keep asking for answers

Su Huixian could only bear all the pressure herself and had no choice but to appease Sun Jingping.

However, the worst thing finally happened.

There was news that Ouyang Ting had left the country three days ago and was now missing.

No one was in charge of the entire Olez International Film Group.

There were no statements or public relations.

Olezs situation was probably worse than everyone had imagined.

And all their investments had probably gone down the drain.

Employees of the group also began to slack off or find other jobs due to the salaries and bonuses that they had yet to receive.

Olez was almost at a complete standstill.

When Su Bei saw this news, she put her phone aside.

This result was within her and Lu Hetings expectations.

When Hua Cuo revealed that little bit of information, Olezs bankruptcy was already destined.

She and Lu Heting had nothing to do with Olez, so they were just spectators watching the show.

Mai Lele ran all the way to Su Beis side and sat down next to her.

She said, “Su Bei, it looks like you were right.

All of our investment in Olez has gone down the drain! The boss has run away too.

I heard from my big brothers internal news that Ouyang Ting will probably not return to the country.”

“Are you okay” Su Bei remembered that she had invested in money before.

“Im fine.

Anyway, its just pocket money.

If its gone, then Ill just eat fewer snacks and buy fewer bags.” Mai Lele was not anxious at all.

Su Bei thought that some people were probably really anxious, though.

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