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“Huixian, your hard work has finally come to an end.

Lets see what else Mr.

Du Luos parents can say now!” Qiu Minxuan could not wait for Su Huixian to slap the Du familys faces.

“Wait!” Su Huixian stopped her.

“Dont tell anyone for now.”

“Why Youre pregnant and need to rest.

You must tell others.

It wasnt easy for you to have this child.

You cant continue to work hard anymore,” Qiu Minxuan said.

“Ive just accepted the role of the female lead but I need to rest What will happen to my future development What about my salary” Su Huixian said.

“How am I going to explain it to Tang Yue Do you think she gave me the role of the female lead for my own good Its all because she doesnt want to see Su Bei doing well and wants me to suppress her.”

Qiu Minxuan said, “Thats true.

If we offend Tang Yue, we wont have an easy time in the future.

But weve made investments now…”

Su Huixian thought about it for a while before saying, “We just invested the money, and its not my money.

Even if I earn some money soon, it might not be enough for me to take care of myself.

I still have to seize every opportunity I have.

I cant offend Tang Yue.”

She said to Qiu Minxuan, “No matter what, Tang Yue was the one who helped me get involved in this investment.

She didnt bring Su Bei along to meet Olez, which shows how much she values me.

I must seize this opportunity.”

She could not let her guard down at all.

This time, she had to complete Tang Yues arrangements and keep the child.

In order to continue filming, she wouldnt tell anyone about her pregnancy for now.

Tang Yue was indeed wary of Su Bei.

She didnt want Su Bei to invest money in Olez to prevent herself from losing to Su Bei again.

Tang Yue was very satisfied that Su Bei did not invest.

However, many people did not expect that after three days, their investment in Olez would show results.

Just as this scene was about to unfold, a financial crisis erupted within Olez.

Actually, Lu Heting and Su Bei had long noticed the problem with Olez.

Financial problems were not only present in their company but they had been there a long time ago.

However, as more and more people joined hands with Ouyang Ting, this problem was completely covered up by money.

However, a problem was a problem.

If they did not solve it, no matter how many people cooperated or how much money was invested, it would only temporarily cover up the problem and not eliminate it.

No one could beat Olez when it was in its prime.

Once it declined, it would collapse like a snow mountain.

The first news article Su Bei saw was that Hua Cuo had taken his lawyer and headed straight to Olez.

This quickly aroused suspicion.

Hua Cuo laughed through the phone.

“Little Fifth Sister, I didnt misjudge you.

I didnt see your name when everyone was investing.

Its not convenient for me to divulge any information, but let me put it this way.

Ouyang Ting has a large amount of investment money in America and didnt give any explanation to the outside world.

Im here on behalf of the creditor to pursue the debt.”

“I knew it.

When I saw the couple, I felt that something was wrong.

So even though I met them, I didnt pursue the matter any further.”

Hua Cuo smiled.

“There are risks in investing.

You need to be cautious when you enter the industry.

Okay, I wont talk to you anymore.

I have to get busy now.”

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