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On the other hand, Su Huixian had not only successfully entered the film industry but she had also taken on the role of the female lead.

She was currently doing well in the investment field, and the more she did, the better.

It seemed that Su Huixian was far ahead of Su Bei.

Su Huixian was new in the film industry and had no one to step on.

The only person she could step on was Su Bei.

The effects of her marketing tactics were pretty good.

Everyone now knew that she was a small investor and a new star in the entertainment industry.

They all knew that Su Bei was indeed down and out.

She wouldnt be able to hold out much longer.

Her resources were no longer good.

Other than her beauty, she had nothing else.

“Brother, do you really not care about this kind of behavior This Su woman is really too much.” Lu Weijian couldnt take it anymore.

The waves of news articles had mushroomed up so suddenly.

“Dont worry about it.

Help her hype the news up.”

“Brother, youre wise and farsighted, but I cant guess what benefits youll bring Sister-in-law by doing this.”

Lu Heting looked up, his eyes bright.

“Bei Bei made the request herself.”

“…” Alright, he shouldnt have asked.

He was just subjecting himself to their lovey-dovey acts.

It was indeed Su Beis request.

Anyway, the more one was praised, the worse it would be when one fell.

If she wanted to film quietly, someone had to stand in front of her to help her block the attacks.

Su Huixian was her shield.

Not only did Su Huixian receive a lot of praise from her fans, but she also felt proud in front of Sun Jingping.

Compared to her previous hypocrisy, Sun Jingping sincerely praised Su Huixian this time.

“In the end, our Huixian is still the best.

No one can compare to her.

My sons taste is really good!”

“Aunt, youre flattering me!” Su Huixian smiled.

“All of this is because of you.

To be honest, if you hadnt spent so much money this time, we wouldnt have been able to earn anything even if we saw the opportunity to.”

“Once we make a profit, you and Du Luo can get married,” Sun Jingping said, “Actually, I intend to let the two of you get married right now.

However, when I think about the investment, youll probably be busy.

You wont have the time to get married now, so I have to delay it slightly.

But dont worry.

Ill prepare it well.

Ill definitely arrange a beautiful wedding for you.”

This time, Su Huixian finally obtained official recognition.

Sun Jingping compared Su Huixian to Su Bei.

Although Su Bei had returned to the Tang family and had a high status, she was proud and arrogant.

She was indeed not suitable for Du Luo.

Someone like Su Huixian was more suitable.

Although Su Huixian was older, she was more sensible and knew how to flatter people.

As long as she earned money from this investment, she would not be worse than Su Bei.

There was no better candidate for a daughter-in-law than Su Huixian.

What made Su Huixian even happier was the events of the next day.

She had to go to the hospital for a check-up as she was not feeling well.

The doctor told her, “Congratulations, youre pregnant.”

“Really” Su Huixian was overjoyed.

Previously, she had tried so hard to get pregnant with Du Luos child, but she could not get what she wanted at all.

She had no choice but to fake her pregnancy in order to get engaged to Du Luo.

Now, she was really pregnant!

Investment, marriage, pregnancy… These were the three most important things!

Su Huixian looked at the doctors report excitedly.

Qiu Minxuan hurriedly reached out to support her and said, “Lets quickly tell Mr.

Du Luo! Hell be very happy!”

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