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Everyone surrounded Su Huixian excitedly and no one cared about Su Bei.

After all, Su Bei was the person with the coldest attitude toward this investment.

Since they were not on the same page, they could not be bothered to talk to Su Bei.

Su Huixian was flattered as she enjoyed the feeling of being worshiped by everyone.

She glanced at Su Bei, who was sitting on the side.

There was only an assistant and a confused Mai Lele beside her.

She was secretly pleased.

Su Bei sat aside and took out the script to read.

Mai Lele did not like to be with Su Huixian.

When she saw Su Beis script, she was surprised.

“Su Bei, why are you reading this…”

Su Bei made a shushing gesture and said, “Dont you think that the production team is in a frenzy right now Everyone is thinking of making a profit from this investment.

Who still wants to film seriously Is anyone still in the mood to study for their roles”

Mai Lele had indeed sensed the atmosphere.

She came to film purely because she enjoyed filming and the feeling of being immersed in a role.

Now, the production team didnt feel this way at all.

“Then… I wont be going to the banquet tonight.

Shall I read scripts with you” asked Mai Lele.

Su Bei smiled.

“Its up to you.”

Su Bei was indeed looking at a script for another film.

Ever since Su Huixian became the female lead, she had seriously considered quitting the production team.

Su Huixian had never been a serious person.

Su Bei could not be bothered to be dragged down by her and let her take advantage of her popularity.

The reason why she hadnt mentioned it yet was that Feng Ze had invested in the other production.

Su Bei wanted to wait until Feng Ze returned to the States before announcing this matter to the public.

She was really afraid of that man.

That night when they drank together, she did not even dare to speak to him.

To Su Bei, it was a miracle that Da Bao could be so close to him.

Everyone surrounded Su Huixian like stars surrounding the moon and went out with her.

It had to be said that Su Huixian was truly capable.

No matter where she went, she would become the center of attention, gaining unanimous attention.

However, how many of the friendships around her were real How many were fake

It was said that the banquet held that night was the most popular in the entire country.

There were celebrities, big shots, and experts who were all cooperating with the film group this time.

That night, the female artists competed for attention, and all of them were extremely beautiful.

As Su Huixian had invested a lot of money and dressed up beautifully, coupled with the fact that Su Bei was not in attendance, Su Huixian finally got her wish fulfilled.

She managed to bribe a reporter and made it onto the hot search list.

She got on the front page of various websites, newspapers, entertainment news, and financial news.

Her life was reaching new heights.

Su Bei, on the other hand, went home after reading the script.

She bought bags of food and went home to cook delicious food for her husband and sons.

Even though Su Bei herself wasnt present, she was still being used as a stepping stone.

Su Huixians life seemed to be boring without Su Bei.

That night, Su Huixian did not receive enough attention and even had to use various marketing accounts to compare her and Su Beis development.

According to the comments, ever since Su Beis short-lived success in the modeling industry, she had no achievements and gradually declined.

Now, she could only rely on excessive photoshoots to hype up her popularity.

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