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Mai Lele smiled.

“How could you not have much money”

“Really!” Su Bei was telling the truth.

Ever since she saw Lu Hetings bank account numbers, she had long given up on managing her own money.

What was the point of earning money to support her son and her husband All these grand ambitions were crushed by the number in Lu Hetings account.

In her current state, she could only earn money to buy flowers.

“Then forget it.

Ill go myself.”

“Investment is risky.

Be careful.” Su Bei reminded her.

Mai Lele smiled and said, “Its okay.

I just invested my pocket money.

If I really fail, Ill just buy two fewer bags.

If I earn enough money, Ill treat you to good food.”

On the side, Su Huixian and Qiu Minxuan were busy dressing up meticulously.

As they had invested a lot, Su Huixian would definitely be in the limelight tonight.

When she heard Su Bei say that there were risks in investing, Qiu Minxuan first felt that it was unfair for Su Huixian and said, “If you cant get a grape, you say its sour.

Shes probably such a person.

What kind of mentality is this Its fine if she doesnt have any money to invest, but she shouldnt curse others not to earn money.”

Su Huixian was in a good mood.

When she thought about how she was about to become a real rich lady, how her social status would rise, and how the Du family would rise to a new level, she could not help but smile.

She said, “Sister Minxuan, why lower yourself to the level of a shortsighted person Well go ahead and earn our money.

If others dont want to earn money, we cant force them to join us.”

Xiao Bai, who was standing beside Su Bei, could not help but say, “Its not certain who will lose money.

Dont cry when the time comes.”

“Xiao Bai!” Su Bei called out to Xiao Bai.

She wasnt afraid that Xiao Bai would offend Su Huixian.

It was because there were quite a lot of people in the production team who had invested.

If Xiao Bai said something like that, she might incur the wrath of others.

Seeing that Su Bei was afraid, Qiu Minxuan couldnt help but laugh happily.

“Sigh, you guys can only chat with Huixian now.

When Huixian earns a lot of money from the investment and becomes a boss, she wont come to film anymore.

When she sits in the office on the top floor, even if you guys want to talk to her, you might not be able to.”

She spoke as though Su Huixian would definitely earn a lot of money from her investment.

Xiao Bai replied, “Youre making it sound as if Olez is owned by you guys.

If you want to act like a lady boss, only Madam Ouyang has the qualifications to do so.”

“There are so many green-eyed monsters.

They dont have the money to invest, so theyre jealous of us making money,” Qiu Minxuan said sarcastically.

“Alright, Sister Minxuan, help me do my hair.

Dont lower yourself to that kind of persons level.

Its a disgrace to your status.” Su Huixian stopped her.

As many people in the production team had invested their money in Olez, they came to talk to Su Huixian.

Knowing that Su Huixian had invested the most, everyone followed her lead and gathered around her to talk.

They looked forward to their future development.

They thought about how they would continue investing or spending their money after earning big bucks.

Someone looked at Su Huixian enviously.

“Huixian is still the best.

She has a lot of money and is willing to invest.

Im sure shell earn more than everyone else.”

“Thats right.

Its a pity that we dont have such a good fiancé.

Hes willing to help so much and invest so much money.

But then again, its also because Huixian is worth the effort of others.

Besides, Huixian herself is also worth a lot.

The money her fiancé gives her is just icing on the cake.

This is something that we cant even be envious of.”

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