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“Hasnt Mom already agreed to raise money and have the Du family invest” Du Luo asked.

It seemed that Sun Jingping had already informed him about the matter.

“But thats Moms money and the Du familys money, not ours,” Su Huixian said in an abnormally gentle manner.

“Only after we invest and earn money on our own will it be considered our money.

Du Luo, think about it.

We cant always rely on our parents to get married, right”

Du Luo was a man who liked gentle and weak women.

With Su Huixian being gentle now, he found it hard to resist.

Su Huixian spoke so earnestly that her tears were about to fall.

“I want to give birth to our child as soon as possible, but now that my career isnt improving, I dont dare to give up my job so easily.

Im afraid I wont be able to provide the best protection for my child in the future.

You know as well that when I was young, I had no choice.

I never thought that my mother would do those things.

“Actually, Ive always felt sorry for Su Bei.

If my career improves, I plan to make it up to Su Bei and return what I owe her.”

Du Luo said emotionally, “Alright, Ill help you.”

“Just take it that Im borrowing the money from you.

Ill write a loan slip for you.” Su Huixian immediately wrote a loan slip and signed it.

Then, she placed it on her lips and printed it.

She looked at Du Luo gently.

“Even if the money is ours in the future, I still dont want to spend your money now.”

Du Luo could not stand this.

He snatched the IOU and tore it.

He said, “Im a man.

How can I let my woman suffer Take the money.

Ill take responsibility if anything happens.”

Besides, he knew that it was impossible for a multinational corporation like Olez to get into trouble.

His circle of friends had all invested as well.

This was a deal that was sure to be profitable.

It could make money and it could also appease his womans heart.

Du Luo was willing to fork out the money for this.

Su Huixian hugged him.

“Thank you, Du Luo.

Theres no man better than you in this world.

After investing the money and earning the profit from it, Ill focus on our family and give birth to our children.

Ill stay at home and take care of my husband and children.”

Du Luo hugged her.

For some reason, another face kept appearing in his mind.

Was this kind of life really what he wanted

No matter what Du Luo thought, Su Huixian had successfully achieved her goal.

She introduced Sun Jingping to the Ouyang couple, allowing Sun Jingping to invest a large sum of money.

She and Du Luo also took a large sum of money to invest.

However, she and Du Luo did not mention it to Sun Jingping.

She did not dare to do so.

Du Luo was also afraid that his mother would scold him, so the two of them kept it a secret for now.

She only wanted to tell Sun Jingping about this when she received the generous profits.

The large-scale cooperation and investment of Orlez caused a huge sensation.

After receiving so many investments and collaborations, they even held a banquet for these celebrities, bosses, and presidents.

Many people in the crew that Su Bei was currently in had received invitations.

Even Mai Lele made a small investment.

She held the invitation and asked, “Su Bei, arent you going tonight”

“I didnt get an invitation.”

“You didnt receive it! Didnt you invest” Mai Lele was shocked.

“Thats right.

I cant fork out that money.

Besides, I dont have much money.”

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