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Although the Du family wasnt rich, they were much better than the Su family.

However, Du Changwei and Sun Jingping were wary of Su Huixian as if she were a thief.

Moreover, Su Huixian had not officially married Du Luo yet.

Su Huixian spent a few days trying to win them over and buy them things.

Finally, she invited Sun Jingping out for morning tea.

“Ive been busy these few days and havent come to see you.

Huixian, dont take it to heart.” Sun Jingping patted her hand.

Even though she frequently insulted Su Huixian and was secretly unhappy with her, on the surface, Sun Jingping still maintained this fake mask.

This was also the so-called upbringing that self-proclaimed upper-class people maintained.

“Aunt, Im sorry for wasting your time.

If it wasnt for something important, I wouldnt have dared to disturb you,” Su Huixian said gently as she presented the gift.

Sun Jingping was polite.

When she heard Su Huixians intentions, she was slightly happy.

Actually, she had also heard about the matter regarding Olez recently.

She was tempted, but she had not been able to come into contact with people of that level.

Now that Su Huixian mentioned it, a few thoughts ran through her mind.

“Olez You have the resources”

“Yes, I came into contact with a few people during filming recently.

I have some opportunities now.

However, you know about Olez as well.

A large amount of investment is required to invest.

Otherwise, others wouldnt even have taken a liking to them.

I managed to gather some funds myself, but Im also responsible for the development of the Du family.

Thats why I specially came to ask you if you want to invest as well,” Su Huixian spoke beautifully.

She was clearly the one who didnt have money, yet she insisted on saying that she was helping the Du family.

Sun Jingping took a few glances at her.

Indeed, she could not reject her.

Recently, many people around her were giving their money to Olez.

However, everyone had their own channels.

It was not appropriate for Sun Jingping to lower her status and ask others.

She said, “So whats the investment method How much does it cost”

Su Huixian mentioned a number.

She wanted to earn a huge sum from this in order to obtain the capital to live the rest of her life in peace.

She had taken all the money she earned previously to enjoy herself.

In reality, she did not have much savings now.

She was in the film industry now and had just started her new career.

Besides, she knew in her heart that she had this opportunity only because Tang Yue wanted to suppress Su Bei.

If she did not want to take advantage of the conflict between Tang Yue and Su Bei, she had to quickly earn a sum of money.

After everything blew over, she would still be safe.

When Sun Jingping heard the number, she had some doubts in her heart.

However, earning money would allow the Du family to have the upper hand in raising their social class again.

She said, “I might not be able to raise so much money in a short period of time.

I can only give it a try.

Huixian, Ill only be at ease if I go to see President Ouyang myself.”

“Of course.” Su Huixian nodded.

After meeting Sun Jingping, Su Huixian felt more relaxed.

However, she could only help the Du family earn money and not herself.

If she wanted to make a fortune, she had to pay for it herself.

She remembered that there was a sum of money in Qian Yu Entertainment Companys account, which was invested by Du Luo.

Only by settling Du Luo could she get this sum of money.

At night, she asked Du Luo out for a meal and used all her skills to make him comfortable before she made this request.

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