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Chapter 96: Chapter96 Come in and Humiliate Herself

Su Bei had only allotted five hundred thousand yuan to buy a new car.

But she could afford to add two or three hundred thousand as long as it was worth it.

The most important thing was the cars quality and the safety it could provide.

When the store manager heard Su Beis words, he looked at her up and down and said, “Oh, Im talking about the two million yuan models.

If you buy any of them, you can get a two hundred thousand discount.

You cant get a luxury car at the price of seven or eight hundred thousand.”

Su Bei smiled awkwardly.

“Its okay.

These cars are too expensive for me.

My budget is not enough.

Let me look at some other cars.”

“How much is your budget then” The store manager could already tell that she didnt have enough money to buy a car from them, but he still had a slim hope.

“Five hundred thousand,” Su Bei answered.

The store managers passion cooled in an instant.

She was young and beautiful, so he didnt expect that she couldnt afford to buy herself a good car.

Although he didnt show it on his face, his voice became cold when he said, “Beauty, we sell luxury cars here.

They are worth millions of yuan.

If your budget is only five hundred thousand yuan, I suggest you go to other car dealerships and have a look.”

He had spent so much time talking to her.

He didnt expect that it was a complete waste.

Their shop always sold high-end cars worth millions of yuan.

The customers he met every day were all wealthy.

People who didnt have enough money were usually scared away by the names of the luxury cars posted at the door of their shop, and they didnt dare to come in.

Judging from Su Beis appearance, the store manager thought that he could make a big deal with her.

Seeing that she was still looking around, he said in a somewhat ridiculous and careless tone, “Okay, you can have a look, but dont touch any of the cars here.

Their paints are very high-end, so you cant just scratch them.”

If cars had some scratches, they had to send them back to their manufacturers to be repainted.

And most of the manufacturers were overseas, so it would cost them a lot of money.

Thus, the store manager was always rude to customers who came to their shop to only have a look.

He just hoped that Su Bei would leave as soon as possible, so she wouldnt cause trouble for him.

Su Bei didnt have plans of touching the cars there.

Even if she couldnt afford to buy any of them, she just wanted to have a look because of Gun Gun.

The little boy liked cars so much.

When she saw him later, she could understand him better when he talked about cars to her in the evening.

“Hey, look whos looking at the cars here! A luxury car worth millions of yuan is not something everyone can afford.

Besides, the cars here are all imported, and the cheapest model is worth two million yuan.

Those who are not blind can clearly see the prices posted at the door.

Why does someone still have to come in and humiliate herself”

While Su Bei was attentively observing each car, a group of young women came in.

They talked and laughed, looking in her direction.

When she looked at the woman who said those harsh words, she recognized her.

It was Xu Meiqi, Xu Zhiqins niece, and Su Huixians cousin.

Xu Meiqi used to be a dumb freeloader in the Su familys villa and had always been mean and acerbic.

Su Bei didnt like her and didnt want to talk to her at all.

She was now working as Su Huixians assistant.

And with Su Huixians backing, she became more arrogant and meaner to Su Bei.

Su Beis expression didnt change.

With a frown, she looked in Xu Meiqis direction.

Leading the group was Su Huixian.

She was wearing a customized dress from a high-end brand, and she was carrying a handbag from a famous brand.

With her were Xu Meiqi and Luo Lili, a model of Qian Yu Entertainment Company.

Xu Meiqi and Luo Lili were both bitter because Su Huixian missed the chance of walking on the stage of the Orisa Fashion Show.

They both believed that Su Bei had really played some tricks.


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