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When it came to money, she would not be stingy when it came to investments or spending.

What was most important was that she had to feel at ease doing it.

If she felt uncomfortable when spending money, then there was probably something wrong.

However, she could not tell what was wrong with this couple.

Su Bei said, “I can see that many artists in the country are working with them.

It shouldnt be a big problem, but theyre already working with Tang Yue.

I dont want to get involved in this mess.”

“Okay, then dont get involved.” Lu Hetings instinct was the same.

The couple was eloquent and they seemed trustworthy, but he still trusted his sixth sense more.

“Yes, lets take it that we came out for a meal tonight to broaden our horizons.” Su Bei called Zhuo Liping and told him to not spend Jingbei Squares money.

The money earned could be used to expand the scale of the business.

They would not ever get involved with Ouyang Ting and give him any money.

Lu Heting immediately sent someone to investigate the matter.

He discovered that after Ouyang Ting and his wife returned to the country, they had interacted with people from all walks of life.

They had taken in a wide range of investments and used them for their so-called careers.

Almost half of Country Ss entertainment businesses were gathered under their companys banner.

It was obvious that Ouyang Ting was very arrogant.

Obviously, there was something fishy about this.

It should be known that for a company like Di Xing Media Company, even with the backing of Lu Group, they only managed to build a large and stable company after years of nurturing and industry planning.

Ouyang Ting obviously didnt have the ability to gather a hundred times more funds than Di Xing Media Company.

However, Ouyang Ting and his wife practically didnt reject anyone and cooperated with anyone they could find.

Currently, there were quite a number of people who could accept their collaboration model.

Every time Ouyang Ting put the name list of the previous batch of collaborators on the table, the next batch of people would immediately and obediently hand over the money without any questions.

After all, on his list of partners, there were already countless people who held power in entertainment companies like Tang Yue, as well as countless famous celebrities and celebrities who had been famous for a long time.

After receiving Tang Yues invitation and meeting Ouyang Ting and his wife, Su Huixians heart was filled with passion.

The investment opportunity this time was like a pie falling from the sky, making her feel like she would lose out if she didnt take a bite.

Right now, the decline of television stations and the rise of video websites were a major trend.

The development of film studios was also a rising trend.

Olezs investment rate had doubled last year.

This year, there would probably be more potential.

“Tang Yue, you have to let me get involved with this no matter what.” Su Huixian held her arm and said, “With our relationship, well both do better if I can develop well.”

Tang Yue naturally had to advise her and said, “However, Olezs investments are all big businesses.

If you want to earn money, you have to invest more.

You have to think carefully.”

“I understand.

How can one take profits without offering anything Ill naturally think of a way to raise money,” said Su Huixian.

There was no need to worry about Tang Yues investment.

Su Bei had already given up all of their family businesses.

As long as there was Jingbei Square, Tang Yue could freely control the rest of the familys assets.

It was much more difficult for Su Huixian.

The Su familys money was nothing in front of these families.

She could only start with the Du family.

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