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Mai Shanheng was in a daze and finally regained his senses.

Only then did Lu Weijian and Mai Lele rush over.

Mai Lele said excitedly, “Brother, whats wrong Have you confessed Did you succeed Did Su Bei agree to be my sister-in-law”

“Sigh, dont mention it.” Mai Shanheng already knew that the car was given to Su Bei by Lu Heting… However, he couldnt stop his longing for the car.

He just didnt expect this current situation.

Also, Lu Heting was really married.

Mai Lele comforted him.

“Its normal for Su Bei to reject you.

Think about it, her career is on the rise now.

Why would she want to develop an ambiguous relationship with you Its more exciting to work hard.

Theres nothing more reliable than career and money!”

Mai Shanheng only wanted to say,Dont talk anymore.

Its not that she doesnt want to be in a relationship but that she doesnt want to be in a relationship with me!

Wait, that was not right.

He only wanted the car.

When did he want to get into a relationship

“Lets go home.” Mai Shanheng was sober now.

Lu Weijian was surprised that his brother did not beat Mai Shanheng up.

Well, perhaps… Big Brother was too lazy to do anything.

After all, Sister-in-law did not even take another look at Mai Shanheng.

He had been thinking too much.

The next day, Zhuo Liping called and told Su Bei that there was a man surnamed Ouyang who had contacted him and hoped that they could collaborate.

This man called Ouyang Ting was the president of Olez International Film Group.

He had been in high spirits recently.

His company was founded in the United States.

After it went public in the United States, its share price doubled.

It was currently developing locally and had invested in many projects.

Ouyang Ting had also invested in Su Beis current film.

As Ouyang Ting had a close relationship with Tang Yue, this was the reason why Tang Yue was able to suppress Tang Xinru and place Su Huixian as the female lead.

Regarding the investment of film and television production, whoever had the money would have the final say.

Of course, this rule was effective all over the world.

“Lets meet this Ouyang Ting.” Lu Heting heard Su Beis call and suggested.

“Okay, then lets go see him tonight.” Su Bei was fine.

She thought that Lu Heting might want to work with him.

At night, Su Bei and Lu Heting met Ouyang Ting in a restaurant.

Ouyang Ting was around 40 years old.

There wasnt much to say about his looks, but he was gentle and refined.

His mannerisms revealed the aura of a successful person.

He and his wife looked like a loving couple.

Lu Heting appeared as Su Beis boyfriend, but Ouyang Ting did not look down on him.

Instead, he showed due respect and displayed a good upbringing.

“Currently, we have invested in quite a few major works in the country.

In addition, were also actively developing in the video industry.

Furthermore, well invest in a few film studios to give more and better choices to our employees,” Ouyang Ting said logically.

The meal was very enjoyable.

After dinner, Su Bei and Lu Heting said goodbye to Ouyang Ting.

After they got into the car, Lu Heting asked Su Bei, “How do you feel”

“That couple is quite loving.

It sounds like they have some good ideas too.”

“Thats all” Lu Heting smiled.

“It just feels weird.

Anyway, I cant say whats wrong.

I just feel that I cant make up my mind whether I want to work with him or not.” Su Bei lowered her head and thought for a while.

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