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Su Bei patted her head.

She should have thought of this earlier!

It was a huge blunder just now.

Su Bei was touched by Mai Shanhengs persistence but rejected him decisively.

“No, my car is exclusive to me.

No one else can drive it except my husband.”

She had always cherished her car so much that she could not even bear to get a designated driver.

Of course, she would not let Mai Shanheng drive it.

Moreover, he was so drunk that Su Bei found it annoying just to look at him.

Lu Heting sat aside.

He really did not expect that thisadmirer was just attracted to the car he gave Su Bei.

It seemed that he had not thought things through thoroughly.

“Su Bei, I beg you…” Mai Shanheng caressed the car as if he was touching his beloved woman.

His actions were careful and gentle.

The corners of Su Beis eyes twitched as she slapped his hand away.

“No means no.

Ive already said that my husband gave this car to me.

Other than him, no one else should think about driving this car!”

Lu Heting, who was sitting at the side, was in a good mood.

This was even better than drinking iced coke on a hot day.

Mai Shanheng stuttered, “Where… Wheres your husband I… Ill ask him.

These things are easy to talk about between men.”

Knowing that Mai Shanheng and Lu Heting were friends, Su Bei leaned against the seat to let him see her husband.

Mai Shanheng looked into the car in a daze.

When he saw that familiar figure, he suspected that he had seen it wrongly because he was drunk.

He rubbed his eyes and saw Lu Hetings cold and handsome face clearly.

“Cough cough, uh… M-Mr.

Lu…” he immediately started stuttering.

Lu Heting looked at him calmly.

“I heard you want to borrow my wifes car”

“Were brothers.

I dont want to borrow this car anymore.

Ill just look at it from afar but I wont touch it.

Ill just look at it from the side.” Mai Shanheng waved his hand.

He was almost sober, and his stutter was cured.

Mai Shanheng took two steps back.


Su Bei held back her laughter and stepped on the accelerator.

As she drove, she said, “I was wondering why Mr.

Shanheng was acting so strangely tonight.

I should have known that he was here for my car.

After all, he had asked about the car a few times before.”

Lu Heting was very satisfied that Su Bei didnt let anyone else drive the car.

Although it was fine to drive it since it was nothing more than a means of transportation, she saw it as a gift and not a tool.

It made him happy.

“He said that our car isnt fast enough.

Of course, I know its not fast enough, but its safe enough,” Su Bei said with a smile.

Seeing that she understood his thoughts, Lu Heting was even more satisfied.

The light from the streetlamps outside the window tonight was exceptionally gentle.

Mai Shanheng watched Su Beis car leave and was stunned.

What did he just see Su Bei and Lu Heting

Those two people were actually married! They were hiding it from everyone else!

He had grown up with Lu Heting, but Lu Heting got married without him knowing!

No, he had once heard someone from the Lu family say that Lu Heting was married, but he didnt believe it!

He never thought that Lu Hetings marriage partner would be Su Bei.

He was wondering why Su Beis car was so good! It turned out that Lu Heting was the one who gave it to her!

Safety was more important than speed… It turned out that Lu Heting was such a clingy man.

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