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“Sister Bei Bei, you should go back first.

Ill deal with Mai Shanheng and send Mai Lele home.” Lu Weijian was afraid that Su Bei would be too kind and offer to send Mai Lele home, so he took the initiative to take responsibility.

Su Bei nodded and immediately walked out.

Everyone left in twos and threes.

Seeing Su Bei leave in a hurry, Su Huixian thought to herself,She probably wants to follow Mr.

Lu, right But judging from his attitude toward her, Su Bei wont be able to do anything to him!

Du Luo was also deep in thought, but since Su Huixian was holding his arm, he could not say anything.

Only Mai Lele, Mai Shanheng, and Lu Weijian were left in the room.

Mai Lele scratched her head in distress.

“Oh no, Ill definitely be scolded by my parents when I get back.”

“Go get a designated driver.

Ill carry him over,” Lu Weijian said.

Mai Lele switched on her phone and called for a designated driver.

Lu Weijian threw a few punches at Mai Shanheng while cursing, “Do you really not know whats going on Its not like you dont know who my brother is.

How dare you have inappropriate thoughts about my sister-in-law Im showing you mercy by not beating you to death today.”

“Ive called for a designated driver.

Brother Weijian, what are you talking about” Mai Lele saw him muttering to himself.


I just said that hes so heavy that I cant carry him.”

Mai Lele stretched out her hand to help support her brother.

He was so heavy that she gritted his teeth and said, “Actually, I think that my big brother and Su Bei are really compatible.

Moreover, Su Bei is a very nice person.

If I had such a sister-in-law, I would wake up every day in a good mood…”

“Stop, stop, stop!” Lu Weijian had yet to calm down.

This person was trying to steal his sister-in-law too

When Su Bei went out, she looked for her car.

As expected, Lu Heting was already in the car when she opened the door.

His expression was slightly cold, and his thin lips were tightly pursed as if he was enduring something.

This matter wasnt Su Beis fault but everything happened because of her.

Once Su Bei got into the car, her face was full of smiles.

She leaned close to him and asked with a smile, “Handsome, where are you going Ill give you a lift!”

Seeing that Lu Heting didnt reply, she smiled and got closer to him.

“Since youre so handsome, Ill give you a 20% discount, okay I cant afford to give you any lower.

I still have to earn money to support my children… Hmm…”

Before she could finish, Lu Heting pressed her into his arms and kissed her deeply.

“Dont be angry.

Im not close to him at all.” Su Bei thought about it carefully.

“And I think he randomly picked someone.

He was so drunk.

And its not like Im money.

How can everyone adore me”

Lu Heting was actually not angry at Su Bei.

He looked down at the womans smile and the slight discomfort in his heart dissipated.

It felt good to be pampered and coaxed by her.

“Im not angry or jealous because I know you dont like him.

Its just…” Lu Heting said solemnly, “…I was afraid that if I didnt leave then, Id beat him up on the spot.

“Pfft!” Su Bei laughed.

So, that was how it was.

No wonder he left in a hurry.

If he really beat him up on the spot, no one would dare to say anything about Mr.

Lu or Mai Shanheng.

However, Su Bei would be thrown to the middle of it.

Lu Heting pulled her into his arms and buried his head in her shoulder.

“Im not afraid of others liking you.

Anyway, I know you wont like any other man apart from me.” Lu Hetings deep voice made Su Beis ears itch.

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