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Mai Shanheng was already drunk.

He drew a card and shouted excitedly, “Confess to someone at the scene and tell the person what you want to do the most!”

“Wow, Mr.

Shanheng, you can start your performance now!” everyone shouted.

Who would he choose to confess to

Mai Lele continued to instigate him.

“Brother, confess, confess.

Who will you choose”

The female artists at the scene were considered decent.

They would not be at a disadvantage if Mai Shanheng chose to confess to them.

On the other hand, the male artists were afraid that they would be chosen by him and were all trying to avoid him.

Mai Shanheng stood up unsteadily and said, “What I want to do the most is…”

His breath reeked of alcohol as he walked toward them.

Mai Lele quickly supported him.

Mai Shanheng lay on the table and suddenly pointed in a direction.

Everyone looked at the person he was pointing at.

It was Su Bei.

It was no wonder.

Among everyone tonight, Su Bei was the most good-looking.

Mai Shanheng choosing Su Bei was not something that was hard to understand.

However, one particular person had a dark expression on their face as they stared at Mai Shanheng.

Lu Weijian quickly looked at his brothers expression.

He was also shocked.

He didnt expect Mai Shanheng to really have such intentions.

If he had known earlier, he wouldnt have followed this person who wasnt afraid of death here.

Now, it had caused him to be implicated.

Lu Hetings face was dark, but the others did not notice this.

It was because his aura was already very intimidating.

Even though his aura was colder now, it wasnt that much different from before.

Mai Shanheng was the one who was most familiar with Lu Heting, but now that he was drunk, how could he care about Lu Hetings expression

Su Bei was shocked.

What was Mai Shanheng trying to do She remembered she had no particular interactions with him.

It was very scary for him to be doing this to her now.

They were just strangers who met by chance.

If he really said something earth-shattering, it would make it seem like she, a married person, was not paying attention to her behavior.

Su Bei did not even want to look at this drunkard.

Mai Shanheng was truly drunk, and his eyes were blurry.

Still lying on the table, he said in a daze, “Su Bei, Su Bei, I really want…”

The cold air around Lu Heting was so thick that everyone could feel it.

Everyone crossed their arms.

“Whats with the air conditioning Why is it so cold”

Lu Weijian went forward to cover Mai Shanhengs mouth, but before he could do so, Mai Shanheng turned his head and collapsed on the table.

He had passed out.

Lu Weijian was in a horrible mood, and even a hangover couldnt be compared to it.

If he had known earlier, he wouldnt have come over for a drink.

It was his fault for getting himself involved in this mess.

Lu Heting stood up, and Lu Weijian immediately followed him.

“Its getting late.

My brother needs to go back and rest.

He has a lot of things to do tomorrow!”

Everyone quickly made way for him.

They looked at the time and realized that it was indeed a little late, so they talked about leaving.

Mai Lele held Su Beis hand and said, “Su Bei, dont take it to heart.

My brother must have drunk too much.

Hes usually not like this.”

“Its fine,” Su Bei said that it was fine, but she could smell the strong smell of jealousy.

It would be strange if her husband wasnt jealous after she was confessed to in public.

If she were in his shoes, she would be jealous too if someone confessed to Lu Heting in public.

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