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Only Feng Ze knew exactly what was going on!

Indeed, when it came to being cunning, he was still a far cry from Lu Heting!

He looked at Lu Heting casually.

That man didnt seem to care.

Did he think he didnt know that he was holding Su Beis hand under the table

Mai Lele asked, “How do we determine the points, then”

Lu Weijian continued, “Du Luo has four points, Feng Ze has three points, and my elder brother has two points.

Of course, my older brother lost! Who told my older brother to break one of the dice Sigh! If one is willing to bet, one has to accept ones loss.

My elder brother has always kept his promises.

If he wins, he wins.

If he loses, he loses!”

Mai Lele glanced at Mr.


Based on her understanding of Lu Heting, not only was he abstinent but he was also a clean freak.

Since young, he had never played with kids like them and was too lazy to interact with girls.

He looked down on everyone.

Mai Lele had grown up a little and knew that this man was incompatible with them, so she had long treated Lu Heting as an elder.

Seeing the situation, she could not help but plead, “Mr.

Lu, Su Bei is Brother Weijians friend and also my friend.

Please show some mercy, okay”

Her voice was especially low as she bowed and pleaded in a voice only Lu Heting and Su Bei could hear.

The outsiders saw her actions and knew that she was pleading for Su Bei.

Su Bei secretly laughed.

This little girl was really cute.

The next second, Lu Heting reached out and pulled Su Bei over.

A commotion broke out around them and everyone widened their eyes in shock.


Lu was really kissing Su Bei

Not only did they get to see Mr.

Lu tonight, but they were also about to see him kiss a female celebrity.

If anything else happened tonight, they wouldnt be surprised anymore.

Feng Ze looked at the red liquid in his glass and swirled it gently.

The thick, red liquid exuded a rich aroma, making him appear even more intoxicated.

Du Luo secretly clenched his fists.

Su Huixian couldnt help but say softly, “It seems like Mai Lele is pretty kind.

If she hadnt pleaded for Su Bei, Mr.

Lu probably wouldnt have bothered with Su Bei.”

Everyones thoughts were similar to Su Huixian.

If not for Mai Lele, Su Bei would have embarrassed herself in public.

Because of this matter, everyone became more interested in the game.

They asked Su Bei to quickly turn the bottle.

What if it was someone elses turn to have such an opportunity

However, most of the people after Su Bei got dares that had them drink alcohol, ask for someones phone number, hug a pillar, or take photos of something.

No one was as lucky as Su Bei.

Lu Weijian sat next to Lu Heting while Mai Lele sat next to Su Bei.

The two of them were playful people.

As they played, they squeezed Lu Heting and Su Bei together.

The two of them got closer and closer until Su Bei was practically in Lu Hetings arms.

As everyone was having fun, no one cared about this.

Feng Ze was the only one who was playing with his wine glass and watching this scene lazily.

When they were almost done playing, the wine bottle was pointed at Mai Shanheng.

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