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Such words made Su Huixian hold back her anger.

She was furious but could not flare up on the spot.

After that, Mai Lele handed the dice to Feng Ze.

From the looks of it, a noble and unparalleled person like Feng Ze didnt have any lustful thoughts toward Su Bei.

Even if he casually shook his hand, he wouldnt get fewer points than Du Luo.

Feng Ze shook his head nonchalantly as if he didnt care.

Therefore, when he put down the dice cup, no one held much hope.

Mai Lele opened the dice cup and was initially unconcerned.

However, she was surprised to see the numbers inside.

“Three points! Mr.

Feng got three points!” Mai Lele shouted in surprise.

Su Bei also looked over and found that he had indeed gotten three points.

She wasnt worried at first, but when she saw Feng Ze scoring three points, her expression cracked.

What kind of person was he Wasnt Feng Ze usually good at this game

He had gotten the fewest points possible.

What was Lu Heting going to do

Everyone was also surprised.

Seeing Feng Zes nonchalant expression, they thought that he would just randomly play the game.

Who knew that he would score such shocking points

How were they supposed to continue playing

Du Luos face darkened.



Feng Ze shrugged and shook his head slightly, indicating that he didnt know how this happened either.

Everyone looked at him and thought to themselves,It must really be a coincidence.

How could Mr.

Feng fall for Su Bei But isnt this too much to be a coincidence

Mai Lele couldnt help but ask, “What do you want Mr.

Lu to do He hasnt played yet.”

“Im sorry.” Feng Ze nodded slightly as if he was the loser.

In truth, Feng Ze had won.

Lu Weijian pressed down on the dice.

“My brother hasnt played yet.

He has to give it a try! Come on, Brother!”

He stuffed the dice cup into Lu Hetings hands.

It seemed like he was just being competitive and had no other motives.

Lu Heting picked up the dice cup.

Everyone was no longer looking forward to his results.

Feng Ze had already scored three points, so there was no way Lu Heting could score fewer points than that.

How were they supposed to continue

Everyone was only waiting for Lu Heting to finish this round and for Su Bei to kiss Feng Ze.

Lu Heting looked even more nonchalant than Feng Ze.

He shook the cup casually and put it down.

He didnt seem to be interested in Su Bei.

Yes, he looked nonchalant on the surface, but he and Su Beis hands were intertwined under the table.

Lu Heting casually placed the dice cup down and pushed it out as though he was impatient after being disturbed.

Seeing that he only shook the dice once, everyone was not in the mood to see his results.

Only Mai Lele, who loved to play, stepped forward to open the dice cup.

“How… How do we count the points for this” Mai Lele asked as she pointed at the dice inside.

Everyone immediately looked over and saw that one of the dice in the cup had broken.

“The quality is really too poor!”

No one suspected that Lu Heting did it on purpose because he had merely shaken his hand once.

How could he have broken one of the dice

It must be because the quality of the dice was not good!

Su Huixian and Du Luo really didnt expect such an outcome! Su Bei was getting off so easily!

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